What if all Muslims are killed?

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Few minutes after i was woken up with the news of the St. Rita’s Catholic Church bomb blast in Kaduna State, i got up, fired up my laptop, hands on keyboard, prepared to write. Only that this time i was in doubt of something; whether to speak of peace or to instigate war. I am not sure of the part you would take had you been in my position, but i guess that would be known when you are done reading this piece.

One thing that still play hide and seek in my head when it comes to the Boko Haram issue is why there leader liken them to products of neglect, overshadowed by poverty and unequal distribution of national revenue which according to them, would have bettered the Northern region in terms of development and otherwise. I am at lost as to how poverty can be the reason for Northern terrorism when they controlled affairs in the country for over 38 years. The way i see it is that the only alternative that people who rejected civilization and Western education has, is in the embarrassment of poverty as their closest biological brother. Give every local government in the North a refinery and they will still be poor ten years after. If you doubt me, ask Gen. Yakubu Gowon.

It will be rare finding anyone who would blame the Christian mob who took the street, clubbing down any look-alike Muslim they see on their path. Nigerians have grown increasingly frustrated following the inability of security forces to stop Boko Haram.

During the Eid Mubarak celebration, the Nigerian security agencies rolled out its apparatus, and spread its wings to protect Mosques, leaving Churches which are the usual target, unprotected. How many Mosques have been genuinely attacked since the insurgencies of Boko Haram? The too many killings by these unreasonable group of people has made life expectancy of chickens better than that of human in today Nigeria. How does one justify the killing of innocent people who went to thank their God for keeping them safe and healthy over the week?

The question i ask Nigerians today is this, will the story be different if all Muslims in the country are killed? Will their extinction fix every issues in the country, including the Bakassi brouhaha? Will it help Christians sleep better, knowing that they would never be attacked by any other group or individuals if the Muslims are no longer in the picture? It is certain that their actions are evil, inhuman, cruel and deserve total abolition.

Be that as it may, i can’t in good conscience say Muslims should be killed wherever they are found. The truth is, there are lots of Muslims out there who faults the actions of Boko Haram. There are many of them who wish their activities be brought to an end only that they have no power to do so. There are many of them out there who are innocent of Boko Haram’s crimes and atrocities. The government have to wake up to the realities of the day, she has to know that the situation is becoming even more dire. Christians no longer wish to seat, wait and pray, hoping that things will take a new turn. They are now willing to retaliate every hit, prepared to protect themselves any way they can.

This is the 5th attack on Catholic Churches in Kaduna just this year. If the federal government don’t get up and swing into action in order to stop this killing, Christians will want to wipe out Muslims and vise versa, and the nation will be unsafe and in chaos.