What is your winning plan for 2013?

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Recently, a friend of mine wrote on facebook and said that the year 2013 is just like any other year, and that no change is expected but same “SHIT” that happened in the previous year still happens. I think I’ll leave that to you to decide, for now.

Do you know that a life without a plan is contrary to all laws? When you break laws, they break you. When you work hard without a plan, you lose direction like a ship on the high sea without a compass. A plan defines your destination and directions in life. In other words, the use of your mind will help give you direction.

Let me give one advise from a lesson from Jesus: Plan your life like a military commander that is out to win a war, because there is an enemy against you. It is not necessarily the size of the army that wins a war, it is usually the superiority of strategy. Careful planning guarantees victory, because wisdom is better than might.

So, let me ask you, what is your winning plan for 2013? Have you set your goals for the coming year? What are you going to be doing differently that will make 2013 different from your previous years?
If memory serves me right, it was Zig Ziglar that said, “Doing things the same way and expecting different result is one definition of insanity”.

The reason i disagreed with my facebook friend’s statement is that each new year that falls in, while we live, isn’t just like any other year, its one that offers an opportunity, an open window to the world of iminent possibilities. Its like when a nation gets a new president, the people’s expectations shoots up, same way it is for when a new year sets in, people expect changes in their diversifications.

Once a new year begin, doing things differently from the usual is advisable, because through it, remarkable results are achieved. Operating standard laws, which must work. Remember, time is very precious; you can’t break the law of time without it working against you. Life is time, Time is life. Make a wise use of them.