What the abled can’t do in Olympic, the physically challenged has done in Paralympic

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The London Olympic game has come and gone, but it will remain fresh in the minds of those who won laurels in their various categories. It will be an unending rave for countries that made difference, countries like the United States of America, Britain (host country), China, Jaimaca, Kenya and many others. Countries who went home with medals, came prepared. Same can’t be said for other countries that went home disappointed. Countries like Nigeria etc.

The Nigerian sports administrators claimed to have spent a whopping sum of N2.4billion in putting together the Nigerian Olympic Team who brought back nothing in there outing. As usual, that money is gone and no one was held responsible for the poor showing.

Paralympic though did not have the same ovation as the Olympic, has brought us Gold and Silver. This is to say that what the abled Nigerian participants in the concluded Olympic couldn’t achieve, these physically challenged individuals has achieved, with a sum far less than what the little table turners spent in getting the Nigerian Olympians set.

This proves one thing, sometimes you find the most amazing things in the most unexpected places. Nigerians are determine to excel even with the road blocks setup by there leaders. Nigeria say well done and congratulations to you.