When I Look at Nature I Know that God Exists -By J. Ezike

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J. Ezike

I am not a Christian or Muslim, not a Buddhist, Hindu or Sufi, not a Zen, an atheist or agnostic. Never met Krishna, haven’t seen Allah, couldn’t hear from Jesus or a chat with Amadioha. But, when I look at nature, I know that God exists. Nature is God’s signature of his existence, an expression of the divine, and the wondrous mysteries untold. It’s beyond science and technology, it’s deeper than logic and critical thinking, it transcends human understanding. It is nothing like Astrology or Numerology. It shares no affinity with black magic or cultism. When I look at nature, I see the artistic talent of God in visible form. An awesome work of art, marvelous in the eyes and I say to myself – “God must be an artist”.

The Earth is God’s gallery, Man is God’s crayon, and Nature is God’s portrait.

Look at the rainbow color of humanity, we all come in different varieties. We are brown, white, yellow, black, mixed – we are God’s divine crayon. We are God’s masterpiece.
When I look at nature, I see the beauty of God, it is real, it lives with us, and it stays with us, like the human soul which assumes the dark image of a shadow on the beam of light. The Supernatural X-ray showing Man’s wickedness in God’s gallery.

The shadow is the divine evidence of sin, little wonder it reveals itself when the mortal body comes in contact with light. Light – the symbol of holiness, the divine aura of God. “Let there be light” a heavenly mantra calling for holiness in God’s gallery. God is light, God is holy, and God is divine. And we can see God in action, through the wondrous work of nature.

So, when I hear the proud thunder, roar from the blue sky, I know that God is speaking in a heavenly language. It’s a cry, it’s a warning. God is saying something but we’re not listening. When I see the flashes of lightning in the dark clouds, I see God’s hand writing. It’s a message, it’s a letter. God is writing something but we’re not reading.

When I look at nature, I know that God lives. I see the greatness of God in its portrait – the mountains and hills, rocks and plateau clipped to the ground, unshakable, immovable, durable, everlasting and invincible in nature. A divine revelation of God’s thickness, power and strength. A collection of God’s toys in its gallery.

The proud sea, the great ocean, the silent river, the colored lake, the talking stream, the noisy waterfall and the calm valley – the mysteries of the waters, deep and wide, a world of its own. God’s unique greatness demonstrated in different forms. Extraordinary and full of wisdom, a wisdom that never runs dry like the earthly waters. God is a mystery, difficult to understand. God is mighty, deeper than we think.

When I look at nature, I feel the breath of God. The wind and its silent echoes as it journeys from the sea, forest and the sky above the earth. Wrapping its invisible wings of life on plants and animals. Hence, we grow from a tiny seed to an Iroko tree. We grow, from an egg shell to a flying eagle. We grow, from a timid cub to a fearless lion. We grow, from a tadpole to a bull frog. We grow, from an infant to a matured adult. The mysterious breath of God – a divine touch working wonders on humanity – a masterpiece from the invisible artist.

I see God’s painting, when the fetus becomes an infant. I see God’s painting, when the infant becomes an adult. I see God’s painting, when the adult becomes old and grey. Indeed, we can see God in action, through the wondrous work of nature.

Look at the sun, glowing like a golden ball on the sky wall, shedding light to humanity during the day. Powerful and bright, great and mighty, radiating with splendor and majesty. See the moon shining like a crystal ball on the sky wall to light up the earth during the night. See the stars glittering in their numbers from a distance. A masterpiece from the invisible artist – a wondrous work of art – a divine portrait of God’s wisdom and power.

Hear the birds chirping as they flap their wings on air, gracing the carpet sky in unison. Listen to the ducks quacking, as they rest their tails on the rivers, with their webbed foot beneath the waters. See the ants marching in groups like soldiers in search of food. The proud bee and its sweet honey, the unfriendly crab and its pincers, the kangaroo and its pouch, the tortoise and its shell, the fish and its gills, the scorpion and its sting, the prawn and its antenna, the spider and its web, the lion and it pride, the leopard its spots, the cheetah and its speed, the tiger and its stripes, the horse and its shoes, the monkey and its tail, the butterfly and its colors, the snake and its fangs, the elephant and its tusk, the rhino and its horn, the whale and its blowhole, the octopus and its tentacles, the pigeon and its coo, the cock and its crow – the wondrous works of the invisible artist.

When I look at nature, I know that God exists.

This mystical poem “When I Look at Nature I Know that God Exists” was originally published in 2015