Where are the Nigerian inventors? -By Abiodun Quadri

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Where are the Nigerian inventors?  -By  Abiodun Quadri


The only thing that is constant in life is change. Without people thinking about it on daily basis, the world will stand still and economy will be in retrogressive progression. What leads to economic and social development of any nation is not about the land mass, population or climate condition. It is about people involved in creative thinking that challenge the status quo. University is not where new invention or business idea is been discovered, it originated from ordinary people with dreams to change our way of life. They are people with very little resource but awesome invention that address world challenges.

Thinking is a gift but does not consider your social stratification. Most especially, many of the world’s heroes are sons or daughters of ordinary men not the children of the high and mighty. Every new technology, amazing product or service the world enjoy today were mere dreams of ordinary people who labor and spent countless hours transforming their idea into tangible products for you and I to use or consume in order to solve our daily challenges and makes life worthwhile to live. Imagine, number of people that will die as a result of diseases without drugs, travelling without vehicle, plane, ship, motorcycle, bicycle or even train or communication without telephone, internet or fax machine. Consider writing and keeping records without paper, pen or pencil. Calculation without calculator. Clothing without sewing machine. Social networking without face book. The lists are endless.

Products do not drop from heaven but are conceived in the mind of individuals as a flash of thought. Which later transform into tangible product, after passing through rigorous process and series of evaluation in order to make it useful and appealing to customers that will buy it and use it to solve his or her problem. Do you think you have an idea and you want to see it materialize? There is the tendency that you will face and conquer your challenges in the cause of transforming your idea into product. You will achieve your aim and objective only if you believe in God and your ability without considering capital gain at first. Keeping amazing ideas to yourself and being afraid of people will steal it, is the beginning of not achieving anything tangible from it. Concealing it will not make it useful to you, people around you and the world at large.

However, disclosing idea to potential customer give you an opportunity to review your product in term of its usefulness, price and design. Your idea can be protected with Confidentiality Agreement Disclosure at first. Which must be signed by any third party you disclose your idea to during developmental stage.

Additionally, people might condemn it out rightly, because it challenges their way of life and what they use to before you came up with your idea. This is where your persistent and resilient will come to play. It provides you an opportunity to go back to your drawing board and incorporate new features which address and solve consumer problems encounter on existing product or identifying challenges. Making prototype gives you an opportunity to see how your product will look like in real life or be perceived if it services, software or website. It gives you an avenue to know the cost implication of material, component and tooling up cost. Likewise potential customer will see it and ask series of questions. For every question asked by potential customers, you need to write it down and expose it to large audience during development stage; the more you have direct access to thousands of positive and negative feedback. This is one of the best things to have while developing your product because it helps you to see the problem through consumer eye. Some people call it market evaluation or product sampling.

Once everything has been perfected, you need to apply for intellectual property patent to protect your product. Finally, when you launch your product, lots of people will appreciate it benefit and make purchase because it solves their challenges at a reasonable price. This is the “End of discussion”. According to the slogan used by HONDA, solving a problem is the beginning of new problem. Therefore, problems cannot be totally eradicated in as much life continues to exist. Problem is the great opportunity for those that can see its laying benefit.