#WhereAreOurDaughters: The Abducted Nigerian Princesses.

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To Mum, she’s an Angel! To Dad, a Princess! To Brothers, a Priceless Jewel! To Sisters, a Best friend! To Aunties and Uncles an Adorable Sweet Child! This is who the 200 girls that was abducted by the terrorist group in Nigeria represent to their loved ones. They never asked for that, they only wished to gain knowledge and become a fruitful addition to their country, Nigeria. But today, from where i stand, it appears that the same Nigeria that is their dream has forgotten about them.

I am overly confident that everyone reading this piece right now has one. A girl child, a joy to the world, to be pampered, protected and loved. Over 200 of these precious ones abducted and taking away from their loved ones, forced to become Sex Slaves, Cooks, Maids, and every unimaginable thing to Dark, Evil, Demented, Dirty TERRORISTS! What a Tragedy!

Yes, they seem far away in Borno, born to poor ordinary people BUT just like you and i , to them these girls are princesses, angels, priceless jewels and sweet adorable nieces. Don’t be numb to the pain. Eight days and counting and still no word, no daily progress report or any kind of information from the government. The very people, the government whose sworn duty it is to protect the lives and properties of the citizenry. I am not sure any of the leaders has imagined the situation these girls may be in right this moment. They could be kept in isolation, used as punching bags from time to time, raped every now and then. Truth is, their life may never be the same again if the government don’t work fast to rescue them from their captives.

Ever since these children were taken, their parents have not heard from them, the government have not updated Nigerians with whatever the current situations are. This is unacceptable! We may not launch a rescue mission but our government can. The bucks stops at their table.

Let’s ask the government #WhereAreOurDaughters
Let’s come together and take action Nigerians.

God Bless Nigeria!