Who Are The People Attacking Us?

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Whether Evolution or Revolution, the thing that matter the most is that there’s a turn from one state to another, there’s a change that must take place at every of the instance. Now it is not enough for evolution to take place and civilization enters the world because, truth is, there are people in our world, in Nigeria, whether we like it or not, that are still not evolved, at least not completely. Look at the situation, the current situation of things in Nigeria, are we okay with it? I mean, are we satisfy enough to have hope for tomorrow whether better or not? doesn’t it border you to think that some Nigerians are not completely evolved?

One hundred and twenty-four injured Nigerians, with seventy-eight dead bodies in Nyanya bomb blast. Look at that number, and it’s nothing compared to the number of daily deaths in places like Maiduguri, Borno State of Nigeria as well as other Northern regions. Do you seriously think that Nigerians have that sort of arabian blood to take that much life and, cause this much problem in the country? For one thing, Nigerians are good in talking, dialoging and venting their anger on something but never go this mad level of violent. Nigerians are too smart and too brilliant to engage the government in a dialogue of BLOOD from the ordinary and suffering people of this country, no, not them, they wouldn’t do that. They are too smart! So the question is, who are the people attacking us?

Don’t people have the right to be safe, to be happy in a land where they are born? In a land where they grow, have children and raise them to grow and have their own children to raise them. Regardless of what those that fight or attack us think, don’t we have the right to live? Remember that in the first line of this article, i began with a talk on EVOLUTION and REVOLUTION? As much as i know that this people, these very terrorist group that strike us, as much as i know they are not Nigerians, there are Nigerians that support and back their every actions. And these very Nigerians are the UNEVOLVED Nigerians. Their brains are not fully developed and because of that, they still think and act like wide forest animals. These set of UNEVOLVED Nigerians fall in the category of our political leaders, the Senators, Honourable members, Governors, Ministers, Traditional leaders etc. They are the very UNEVOLVED Nigerians that sponsor these people from a troubled countries. They have no human feelings, we’ve seen what they can do, we’ve seen how unsafe and chaotic their country is and analytically speaking, if they can turn their country to that, then how much more countries that are not theirs?

The Revolution part of my article concerns the Nigerian youths and their unprepared revolutary action. The only thing that can actually save Nigeria from its current state is an act of civilized revolution, pioneered and staged by patriots and visionary Nigerian(s). But the one billion naira question is, are the Nigerian youths ready for such revolution? Some of them think they are prepared but from where i stand, they are not even close. They are still divided, by religion, ethnic and moral ethics. They are not divided by their own choice but confused to the extent of self-acceptance of division. So before any meaningful REVOLUTION will take place, we must find a way to UNITE them back, to have ONE voice and ONE mind.
As for the UNEVOLVED Nigerian, the present leaders in our midst today, we must find a way to take them all out of power and this must start and finish in 2015. So given the opportunity to speak, i say that the people attacking Nigerians are our LEADERS. The very people you and i voted into power or better still, the very people who rigged themselves into power. Narrowing it down, i say that 80% of the LEADERS who are presently attacking us today, are all from the NORTH.

Now you know, what will you do about it?