Who Cares: The Sad Narrative of Umaru Lukman Yahya -By Kareem Itunu Azeez

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It was yet again another tragic narratives, from one of our brothers, defrauded of his privilege performing the hajj, but the fact that his story started from his failure to make this trip isn’t even the reason for my unhappy state of mind, but because everything happen so fast here in our country as usual, that a once happy man, came back home from South Africa, and all was near rags for him, credits to Mr Femi Obong Daniels, of the Nigeria info, shedding issues like this to the scene. A brother is down one more time.

Umaru Yahya, as he calls himself, is a Nigerian, who lives in the suburb of the South Africa, where he engages himself as a community counsellor, earning his little income, at least enough to keep him off the streets and label Nigeria a bad name, married to a South African Muslimah, although his marriage seems under threat, which will be explained better in the course of these narratives, he is from Kano, who seems an Ardent one in this Islamic monotheism, but who is beyond challenges.

Kareem Itunu Azeez

“My mother is hypertensive, and the pain of all happening around so fast, was what kept me with her, that I was carried away, with the fact that my visa has expired”, as he continuously sobs, to some extent, it was even the anchor who finally read out, so of his details, in person of the Mr femi,
Who cares, was really what left me agape, though we can’t see the studio, but with tears strolling freely from his eyes, one then might be tempted to accept tragic times are real, compounded with the great depression sojourning in this country this time, you ask your self, why should I care, you think, well everyone got their problems, but the truth is, those who seek solutions are the ones who have come out to the scene, such was the horrific narratives of Umaru Lukman Yahya, that spelling might defer, as I have neither met him nor see his birth certificates.

It all started in 2017, when I came to Nigeria, he said, “for a family I have missed, particularly my mother, and been a year where Muslims go on pilgrimage, it was also an opportunity for this life time chance never to pass me by. I got to the pilgrimage or hajj center here in Nigeria, to process my documents, of which was estimated around #1.2 million naira for the bigger one, while 1million naira for the smaller sit, but having weigh the options on the table, either to go for the first class or the lower class, which rightly the prices are different, I decided to go for the cheaper one, with payment of less than #200,000, I taught it right that I will be 200k richer, all this at the Kaduna state Muslims pilgrimage welfare board, and offer some sum to my mother, and also help with few things money could do.

Unfortunately, there were changes, which affected my budget, the prices where raised beyond what men like his could afford, from #1.2 million to a whopping #1.6 million, which left many in a depressing situation, the intervention of the Senates still had no meaningful impact as the raised bar remain, and hopelessly men like Yahya had nothing to do, than to seek for desperate measures, to be among those who witnessed the pilgrimage, according to their religious rites. Since they could not afford more than they had initially planned for.

With time, he met man, which according to him, presented himself on the best responsible manner, where some encounters with him led to a situation where his money went into taciturn, and even in the thick of this crisis, his mother’s house got ablaze, and all was gone, which psychologically affected his mother and even aggravated her health Conditions, and theres a wife somewhere in cape town, south Africa, threatening for a divorce and change of custody for his children, a boy and a girl, the later whose birthday he missed, october 27th, for understandable reasons, after one and half years, truly one would understand how too long the husband had tarried, in a foreign land, its unfortunate although. “I missed my kids” he said.

Been in south Africa since 2003, married to a south African woman, who handles too difficult a thing, as a temporary workder, casual jobs, who get weekly payments at least capable to hold little demands, while here in Nigeria, Yahya Umaru, squats around sleeping in school, at agege, Happy home school, just to pass the night, and hope for a better tomorrow morning. He survived through free meals, and stipends from people, he knows, and by his words, to fet him working again, is #220,000 naira, for a flight back ticket to his base.

In conclusion, I hope the Nigerian government would learn to take off its hands from religious trips, thereby privatizing all stuffs like this, perhaps such would have been prevented, but in the words of Mr Femi Obong Daniels, “The benefit of hindsight, is that it would have happened before one could understand how it feels to be in the same issue”.

I also hope Nigerians would would also, come up with their helping hands bu contacting Mr femi Obong Daniels, for his details as his account number I cannot post here for security reasons, hopefully a brother would be raised again from the doldrums of hardship.

I thank everyone out there, who had listen to my cries, friends and family willing to help, may Allah help you also, God bless Nigeria…..Mr Umaru Yahya.

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