Who wants Barack Obama in Nigeria anyway?

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Yes you read the question right, and it’s not a mistake or misspelling of some sort. Many hours ago, yesterday, I received a mail from a friend regarding Obama’s intended visit to some African countries including Kenya, his paternal country. Other content of the report is that Obama was scheduled to visit Nigeria but will no longer be doing so, as a result of what he termed “security challenges Nigeria is presently struggling with”.

I agree that Nigeria has a security issue or challenges as he puts it, but the question is who doesn’t? What nation in the world today that doesn’t have a security challenges? If memory serves me right, was it not America, the country ruled by this same Obama that was recently bombed during the Boston marathon competition. For all I know, America has more security challenges than any nation in the world today. The Nigeria leaders are so stupid that these people tell them what to do or not to do. The entire European market as well as other Western continent is clustered, Africa is the only hope they have for sustenance and Nigeria is the apex nation in Africa that has what it takes to bring that sustainability of hope to fruition.

If the above statement is true, why then will such flimsy excuse be used as why America’s president doesn’t want to come to Nigeria? In fact, the way I see it is this, Nigeria should be the first country any president is to visit when coming to Africa, the reason to this statement by now should already be clear to you as well as the rest of the world.

Was it not America that sent an intelligence team to Nigeria, if the so-called intelligence team is functioning as they should, why will Obama fear entering Nigeria?

Until we settle down and tell ourselves the truth about where we are heading to, we will not know where we are and how they are negatively using us to achieve their objectives.