Who Will Spark The Revolution In Nigeria?

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Who Will Spark The Revolution In Nigeria?

Protecting the public is a complex task. Providing quality governance in a setting such as ours is paramount and isn’t complex. People are always hindered by finances and politics, it’s the nature of the business. Fortunately for us we don’t just have the finances, the politics, and the capability to put an end to terrorism, but also the WILLING power to bring to book, those involved, making sure they never breed a new monster to do their biddings. Every government, every responsible government carry out the sacred duty of protecting the country and its citizens, building a nation everyone can be proud of in years to come.

One question I’ve always had in my mind is, What if you can save millions of people, even if it means killing just one person? I have always believed that my principles, our principles, is the only line between order and chaos. Whether or not people can change, i owe it up in some part of me that ambition is an extremely great thing but when unchecked, it becomes the very danger that we want to avoid. Terrorism isn’t our only challenge in Nigeria, as far as am concern, it hasn’t been part of us and as a matter of fact, it just entered into the country for the first time since Nigeria was born. The longest problem Nigeria has carried all through her age, is the problem of corruption, a thing that gave birth to a long chain of vices -in one word, bad governance.

For Nigeria to succeed in the fight against terrorism, the government need a separate, highly neutral UNIT of everything -ICT, Military forces, Intelligence Units, Institution, and Middle house that has a separate mandate, a separate budget and a new set of rules because it’s time for the gloves to come off. But more importantly, for Nigerians to take their country back, they all must rise up, begin to ask the right questions, open up the doors of courage while closing the one of stupidity, only then, can you, Nigerians, challenge the authority that has been seating on your position and destroying the very values that this nation was built on. You all must take to the street, letting the government, your leaders know that you will not stand the corruption any longer. Remember, you cannot make a man listen by bullet, but words, enlightenment, education and ideas. They can try to take away our liberty but they cannot destroy our ideas, the very things we believe in.

we are done waiting for bokoharam to give us an opportunity to trip them up. We are done waiting for the government to open up hands of embrace…we must do what’s necessary to protect our future, the future of Nigeria, a Nigeria where everything will be no where near awkward. THINK ABOUT IT!