Why all the hate? Garbon government burn a Nigerian alive.

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If i don’t know better I’d say other country nationals are in a constant struggle to escape a meaningless existence, thereby pleasured to take it out on anyone that resembles them but much more better than them.

The universal hatred that other countries have for Nigeria has repeatedly continued to show its ugly face in their treatment towards Nigerians. There has been numerous reports on how foreign companies here in Nigeria maltreat their Nigerian employees, some forcefully sleeping with the female employees, anyone who refuses their advances risk loosing their job. There are many of them but the one am about to let you in on is a more disturbing one with a more disgusting method.

Yesterday morning, i was listening to yet another complain from a man who almost got burnt alive. An Igbo man who went to Garbon in search of a greener pasture, settled and even got married to a Garbon woman who gave him three children.

According to the narrated story by the victim himself, it all started when he was invited by the Garbon police officers to identify and tell them the whereabout of one of his tribal association members, since he was the president of the association. After telling them candidly that he hasn’t seen the said person for a very long time, they drove him down to a building in the outskirt of the town, hang-cuffed him, and tied him to an elevated object, gathered woods behind him, set them on fire allowing it to burn the man from behind. It burnt him so hard that his back got fat and exploded. The blood rushing down from his exploded back started quenching the fire which they repeatedly tried to reignite. This man would have been burnt alive but for the intervention of God.

They drove him half dead out of the “project building” to a nearby hospital where the only treatment that was administered to him was a “pain killer”. They refused to let him go, refused his family from seeing him, in fact, they don’t even know where he has been taken. There plan actually was to keep him there, administering just pain killer till the dangerously inflicted wound kills him.

They later filed a paper to deport him. Put him in an airplane headed Nigeria but stopped halfway at Cameroon, Cameroon government preparing to send him back but was intercepted by Ojo Maduekwe, the then Foreign Minister of Nigeria, who instead of handling the issue as should, abandoned it. This was in 2008, since then, nothing has happened, the man’s family is still in Garbon while he’s still here in Nigeria. Continuing the story will eat up all the time we have.

This is just one out of the many we haven’t heard of. Western countries are fighting hard if possible to eliminate all Nigerians who made it past there land, but our African brothers from the other side are fighting harder to this effect. The big question is WHERE DID NIGERIA AND HER CITIZEN OFFEND THEM?

The thing is, if since 2008, along side other compounding related issues, the Nigerian government haven’t deemed it fit to do something, then its really disappointing and disastrous for Nigerians who are still passing through this harrowing experience day in day out.

If the government don’t wake up to fully assume their responsibilities, Nigerians both within and in diaspora are at the mercy of their killers.



One Response to Why all the hate? Garbon government burn a Nigerian alive.

  1. IT IS A SAD THING MY BROTHER. It throws up a lot of questions. Realise the following points about Nigeria
    1. You have a lazy, passive, inept, reactive govt that care less about its citizens both at home and abroad, and will never defend you unless you belong to the clique.
    2. While we cry foul we must remember that a thousand times more heinous torture is perpetrated by our police over whom we have control and no-body is fighting them.
    3. The so-called ambassadors are clowns interested in making economic gains rather than defend the country abroad.
    4. This man’ s case will go nowhere. Nigerians should just help him get treated here. As for compensation, IT WILL NEVER, NEVER , NEVER REACH HIM.
    5. I cannot truly vouch for his integrity. He might have been involved in a criminal activity over there and got into trouble(HE CAME HOME WITH EXPIRED NIGERIAN PASSPORT 2001. I am not saying this is the reason he was tortured neither is it excusable to treat even a criminal so.). His records may not be clean afterall as typical of many Nigerians overseas. I am close to Nigerian diplomats and the stories told about the conduct of Nigerians abroad is awful.I wish to hear the other side of the story.

    project Nigeria
    November 16, 2012 at 1:44 pm