Why do i have this feeling that military regime is still better!

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Considering the various high levels of inequality, corruption, violence, deceit, sabotage, forgery, unemployment and a host of other vices, one cannot but make comparison between now and then.

Nigeria migrated to democracy because of the difficult military rule, where the only opinion and decision are made by the head of state, where ordinary Nigerians including and most especially the media has no judicial right, where people are executed with no reason whatsoever as to why, where every tentacles are bent in salute to the one who is in power. But the question today is, has any of those things that caused our migration to the so-called government of the people, by the people and for the people changed? Nigeria today, face a dance even more worst than the then military regime. It seem as if democracy is practised but in reality, its not. Its still the same military tactics that the leaders apply. The only difference is that the military era was more productive than what we see today under democratic rule.

Military rule is not all that bad, in fact, its one rule that people will appreciate with the right instrument on board. If the level of advancement we have today is in any way same as what we had then, things would have been much better than we got then. Military has protocol, structure, it instills discipline and brings about order and corporate living among people in the society.

You can argue about current military rule in some African countries that are not going in the right direction. Just like democracy, its not the form of rule that’s bad, its the personality involve that makes the rule either good or bad.

Democracy is almost consuming the world today. Individuals and or groups in authority corporately steal large sums of money using just paper and pen and nothing happens, they eliminate innocent people and the case is swept under the carpet, or in some countries, committees are set up with no single recommendation at the end of their investigation. I think the negativity involved in democracy is far more uncontrolled compared to that of the military.

Nigeria has tested both side of the coin, i think its time a poll is taking to determine which form of rule should stay and which should go.



2 Responses to Why do i have this feeling that military regime is still better!

  1. that true, still facing the same problems in fact more corruption, crimes etc although people claims democracy is better than milliatary rule, I see no sign of justice or peace in democracy,

    Raheem isiaka
    March 14, 2015 at 2:50 pm

  2. millitary rule is better than democracy rule. It prevent corruption and all bad atitude among it people

    April 19, 2015 at 5:29 pm