Why I Don’t Want America To Help Out.

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How it all began is a story that not everyone wants to tell from the very beginning. It did not just start from the abduction of over 200 school girls from Chibok community in Borno State, North-East of Nigeria. It began as a skewed political disturbance from the very few who were, and are still not happy with latest political development in the country. But, the missing school girls, blew open the pandora box and sent the foreigners landing into the country to help the sitting government solve the riddles.

America, China, France, Canada, Britain and Israel are presently lending their support to #BringBackOurGirls and ultimately put an end to to the Islamic sect known as #BokoHaram. This however, is the public signpost hunged on the face of the America government, as well as the Britain and Isreal alike but, are there an invisible signpost, a hidden agenda to their sudden acceptance to come lend their support to Nigeria, the largest economy and country in Africa?

I don’t think there’s any need for me to begin a history lecture on a country like the United States of America, or Britain or Israel for that matter. There individual as well as collective histories are remarkably visible in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan and many others. Today, after the U.S interventions in these countries, they are yet to know peace. I am sure some of you can still recall the failed U.S struggle for AFRICOM (U.S African Command -where they wanted to have their soldiers camped in all African nations), and their stunched annoyance with the MURDERED Muarmmar Ghadafi when he publicly intentionalized his idea of a United States of Africa, as the U.S saw the power such formation can have in the world.

The sudden acceptance by U.S is questionable. Virtually all countries of the world will tell you that America don’t offer helping hands where they will not benefit at the end of the day. No one but them, know what their true agenda is in Nigeria but, my consolation is the involvement of the Chinese government. America and China are like two charge that repels when in contact. America till tomorrow, blame or rather accuse China of stealing their technology and idea. Telling the story between America and China will take up another page, we leave that for another day.

Bottom line to it all is, the U.S presence in Nigeria is for something else and that’s why i don’t want them around. As for China, they are partially here to monitor the U.S and their activities, as well as conduct their own private business too. Now whatever these countries presented to the Nigerian government, we all need to be very careful and wary of them all.

God bless Nigeria!