Why I Think Festus Keyamo Is A Disaster And A Disappointment To The Law Profession -By Azuka Onwuka

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I watched the illogical and embarrassing argument of Mr Festus Keyamo (SAN) this evening on Channels TV defending President Buhari’s comment on ballot box snatching, and I began to wonder why people with intellect and pedigree begin to sound illogical, unscrupulous and ridiculous once they start defending Buhari. Keyamo sounded so illogical that Senator Dino Melaye became the one teaching him the rudiments of law and justice.

Look at Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, a law professor, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria and a pastor. Look at Prof Itse Sagay, an authority in law. Look at Mr Adams Oshiomhole, who was the most popular Labour leader since Pa Imoudu, and stood by good governance, human rights and justice for the people. Look at Keyamo whom many people thought could rise to become a legal lord in Nigeria, even if not comparable to Chief Gani Fawehinmi but not far from him. Look at Mr Femi Adesina, a pastor, a senior journalist and a gentleman. And many others holding positions or just commenting on the social media.

Dino Melaye and Festus Keyamo

There seems to be a Buhari bug that makes intelligent people to sound unintelligent, people of conscience to sound conscienceless, people of justice to sound unjust, honest people to embrace falsehood, people who are not bloodthirsty to become bloodthirsty, the moment they start supporting Buhari.

The transformation is usually shocking and befuddling.

The only reason is that Buhari regularly engages in weird, embarrassing and illogical actions and comments. To support him, his fervent supporters have to drop to that level to do so, to avoid making Buhari look wrong on any issue.

One Response to Why I Think Festus Keyamo Is A Disaster And A Disappointment To The Law Profession -By Azuka Onwuka

  1. Simply because he’s in APC and a staunch supporter of Buhari, a well learned lawyer and experienced legal icon of the status of Keyamo has suddenly turned a disaster and disappointment. I asked the question, who is interested in Ballot snatching? And for what purpose other than the perpetration of electoral fraud. If a Dino Melaye, who was accused of gun running, and other sundry crimes, and always claiming to be fighting the cause of justice, is now afraid of ORDER condemning ballot snatching is jittery, it means, the means the constitution and electoral laws of my dear country was written in a casino or a beer parlour. Check out those crying foul over the president’s comment, it ‘s still the same set of people, who continuously pauperize and impoverish the populace. May God deliver Nigeria from all the characters that want Nigeria to remain backward and continue to wallow in irregularity.

    February 20, 2019 at 5:13 pm