Why Jonathan’s administration is the best!

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Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan giv

President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration has again and again been questioned and compared with that of the previous administrations Nigeria has had over the years. Opinionistic voices in various corner of the federation has spoken about it, with varying views and conflicting analysis drawn to drive home their individual points. Couple of days ago i conducted a public opinion on the Jonathan’s administration in comparison with other administrations, most of the people that spoke to believe that there are no basis for comparison. Their argument is that it’s only in Jonathan’s administration that the Nigerian people have actually experienced and still experiencing true freedom; the first time in many years that our foreign policies has gained a positive image of Nigeria and Nigerians, so much so that other country nationals are beginning to treat Nigerians with more regard and respect.
Some also believed that when it comes to the long-aged unsolvable electricity issue, that Jonathan’s concept and approach is at the verge of stabilizing power in the country. More people today unlike in the past, speak of the constant power supply in their homes. This is one area other presidents has eaten the nation dry without anything to show for it.
Querying hard on Jonathan’s uncared attitude towards corruption and its practicers, they argue that corruption is an abstract phenomenon that needs intelligence to stem. However, that Jonathan’s administration unlike the previous ones, is going for the ROOT and not the STEM.

Realistically speaking, their points to some extent seem valid however, some individual like myself may have certain reservations to this. To speak pragmatically about it, the situation will require concrete and tangible analysis. As much as Jonathan is not the cause of every problem that Nigeria has, he is the big gun behind the moulded powder and thus, holds the master key that can unlock the issue and set things on right footings.

Jonathan’s administration is the best not because he has succeeded where his predecessors failed, but because he has continued to gradually making unexpected giant strides even in the midst of trials and controversies that threatens the unity of Nigeria as a nation. Because he has a well conceptualized plans that could translate into actionable results if giving the chance or opportunity to implement them. Because unlike others, he understands the principles of political and social diplomacy, and knows exactly when to apply them. The only reason am rooting for him to return come 2015 is so he can have time to continue and finish what he began. Drawing a bucket from the well of history tells us that if a new leader ascends to the presidential seat, he will spend half of his time trying to undo everything that Jonathan has done, he will fire and hire, cancel and award projects, and will work to discredit the past administration, Jonathans’, without making any real addition into the system and before he knows it,four year will be gone and he will want a re-election.

Looking hard at the crop of politicians that fills the sphere, most especially in the APC, the best contesting opponent that the PDP have, none of them deserves to be president -Tinubu, Buhari, Fashola etc., they are all child’s play politicians. President Jonathan has a better game to play amongst these individuals and it will be nice if the likes of Boko Haram and other waring groups give Nigeria a chance by giving President Goodluck Jonathan a chance.