Why Nigerians are hated and imprisoned in foreign countries.

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Few days ago i began to make a research after i was asked a question i thought already has answers. It is always easy for people to point on something to blame when things begins to go wrong, either with the general system, or in their personal life. I know a lot of you will disagree with my analysis as well as my conclusion, but before you go on that edge, take a deep breathe and think again.

Every day, the things we receive or intercept is always difficult for us to entirely and accurately process due to its tough nature. A number of days ago i sent a tweet that stretched past my facebook page as well as my facebook profile which generated threads of discussions, i tweeted that irrespective of what the world belief or think about Nigeria and her people, they are a unique and amazing set of people that have no replica anywhere in the world.

First i have to say that its nice that the world sees us differently, it gives us the opportunity and free hand to always keep them guessing what the next move of a Nigerian next door will do, either in entrepreneural development or technological innovations. A lot of Nigerians are no longer proud that they are Nigerians either due to what they have seen so far that isn’t good

The single reason Nigerians are profiled differently from every other country national when they go abroad is not because they are fraudsters, but because they want to instill fear in them, so much so that they will not have the opportunity or confidence to go about applying their ingenuity, in simple and straight terms, they are jealous and fearful of Nigerians and what they could accomplish if given the slightest of opportunity.

I know you’ve been dying to hear what the question was, i was asked “why Nigerians are pursued everywhere they go and why are too many of them in prison in foreign countries?”.

Concerning this question, i am certain that countless opinions will be generated from various quarters. Some will put up the usual and cheap argument that Nigerians are full of fraud and deception. But the real truth is, as much as i have already establish that jealousy and fear of outwitting them is the high point of the cause, they also are angry that Nigeria as a country has what they may never have, and because of that, they made it a national law to buy into the live of every Nigerian that enters their country by either killing them or imprisoning them. If you have the opportunity of speaking to any deported Nigerian, try to get their own side of the story and make comparism of what virally go on, on the internet as well as social media.

Haven’t you noticed that part of the big job of most western nations, America for example, is to repeatedly tell their people that they are the best in the world. A common thing done by one of them is giving a publicity that says to the rest of the world, “hey, even if the topmost professor in your country invent vaccine for HIV/AIDS, we decide what it’d be called”. What this means is, giving a dog a bad name so you can have more reason to hang it. They label Nigerians bad so they can have more reason to reduce the person they have already become.

You see, the Nigerians that mostly fall victims of this jealousy and hatred are the ones that often refuse to be their playboard. They always want to know what the Nigerians close to them knows, think what they think, if possible, try to do what they do even before they do it. A stage where the Nigerian refuses to be the good teacher turns him/her into a marked pack of card.

What is your opinion on this issue and how do you think it can be stopped?