Why PDP must be delisted from political parties in Nigeria!

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Over the years, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP has gained ground and stood tall amongst other political parties in the country. In most cases, they dictate who says what or does what in the affairs of the nation. They have acquired much power so much so that they choose who to install to represent the nation in various strategic positions, be it governor, minister, ambassador, chief justices, attorney general or even a local government chairman. In other instances, they decide how and in what format elections should be rigged, what amount of the public funds should be shared. They even go to the extent of choosing which settlement of the poor to be demolished. The level of harm they have done to this country is immeasurable.

I have no glitch with PDP as an entity, where my problem lie is in the tiny group of individuals that constitute the political party. For the sake of justice and fairness, show me just a single member of PDP you think is innocent and i will show you the next phase of Nigeria’s problem. No offence, but i personally don’t see anyone of them worthy of standing before the alter. Birds of identical plumage they say flocks together, every member of this political party think and act alike. Nigeria is at the point of breakage today, partly as a result of PDP’s actions, inactions and bad leadership style and partly as a result of the mistakes made by the founders of this nation. Don’t you think its time the people of Nigeria let them go?

Nigeria would have been one of the most peaceful and milk-flowing nations on earth if not for selfish leaders who has succeeded in suppining our fate and turning every act into an act of war. In 1999 when Nigeria began practising democracy, PDP became the beacon of hope with Olusegun Obasanjo as the nations touch bearer. From that year till this very moment, Nigeria has never been the same. Things went from worst to super-worst, crack-down in every region of the country, the government cares-less of the people and the people lost hope in the government, crime level soared as unemployment deepened, lawmakers and honourable members settles difference of opinion through blows and flinging of chairs, every government officials practice the best corruption tactics to apply, i can go on and on but i think you already know the rest.

Many years from now, our children will ask us, where were we when they came in, took over our century, showed us the exit door and made a mess of it, and we will tell them we just stood and watched. I don’t really know what you are thinking right now, but i think its time to let PDP go.



2 Responses to Why PDP must be delisted from political parties in Nigeria!

  1. Democracy in Nigerian today as d matter of fact is d gov’t of “family, friends & associates”. ACN, PDP, ANPP, e.t.c. Can practise d same. what d poor masses want in this country is a corruptfree creature that will save this unvibrant country from these rots, irrespective of d Party d canditate emerged from. The question is when can we have this creature? Only God has d answer!

    Andrew Itodo
    July 13, 2012 at 11:56 am

  2. I agree with this writer, in fact, its not just pdp, there lots of other useless and irresponsible party out there.

    Soon these corrupt and shameless leaders we have wil dance to the tune of there shame.

    Joseph Dauda
    July 13, 2012 at 9:49 pm