Why the EARTH needs to be protected.

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Today, the entire world seem totally crushed and unrepairable. Some individuals blame it on civilization, mostly the advent of technology, but the truth is, civilization and technology isn’t the problem that human kind face, we are, we lack the common “will” to change. We have drowned ourselves into an abysmal quagmire, so much so that we understand little or nothing on the purpose and importance of our creation.

Last night, while i was going through a continuous and profound contemplation, musing on a subject or series of subjects of a deep and abstruse nature, it dawned on me that the enclave settlement of ours – earth, could die out if the pressure of uninterrupted insubordination mounts from century to century. In retrospect, what was within and around us in the past 10 years is no longer there, all the self generated and natural things has all been killed or destroyed by human forces. Unarguably, more than 79% of what sustains the earth today are all artificial, including the daily contents of the earth soldiers – mankind.

Sometimes in April of 2010, a group of cross-sectional scientists who looked into the survival of human race on planet earth reported that, if nothing is done and done fast, there might be no 22nd century.

What the major part of that report simply means is that, either we, occupants of planet earth, develop the common “will” to change for a more sustainable earth, or the earth will self develop a mechanism that will wipe out the entire human race to ensure its survival for the next generations to come.

For those of you like myself who have been studying and observing human activities on earth, you will agree, with no doubt, that the overall operational methodologies of the vast majority of human activities are catastrophic, faster, to the earth, and then to the humans themselves. The so-called “world order” you hear many people speak of today makes little or no sense at all to me. The constituents of the organization of this so-called order, are assemblage of few but personally-thought-powerful people that, in their bid to control what other people around the world should or should not do, make a mess of the entire SYSTEM and further pollute the earth.

My worry basically is not whether or not the earth should disappear with us in it, but that a few groups of individuals has made, and still make mess of the system where not only them live in. They are in your country, in my country, in all of our countries. They are the leaders who has been making laws and passing policies ever since you were born. They are not untouchable, they have flesh like you do, they offer you money and urge you to vote for them during the time of elections, they promise you a new world, and they tell you they are the messiah your country has been waiting for.

It doesn’t just end there, they use you to fight those who obstruct them from their loaded trains of damage. They turn you to electoral bodyguards, a shielding armour…they use you to further destroy the EARTH that you live in. The truth is, this can be stopped, IF YOU CAN STAND UP, LOOK THEM IN THE FACE AND SAY THE WORD “NO”.

The earth can still be saved if you, me, all of us, decide to do the right thing today, we can reclaim it from the hands of its corrupter.