Why the Nigeria government keep failing

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In many occasions i have imagined what my world would have looked like if am not a Nigerian says a friend of mine. When asked why made such a statement he says, right from 1960 till date, nothing good has stayed or improved upon, but all things that are bad has remained and advanced like technology.

The truth is, after listening to my friend i couldn’t agree more. The Nigeria government keep failing because the people who rule the nation care more about what happens to their pockets rather than what happens to the nation they rule. You see I keep asking myself, Why would a country have everything in abundance but in all, have nothing. The bordering part about it all is that these individuals who have ruled Nigeria to death seem not to care about what it has become. Many of them say they are trying their best in fixing the nation but trying doesn’t matter when you always fail.

No disrespect, but the crop of Nigeria leaders that have ruled the nation from 1960 till date are unsmart and visionless. They have never aspired for such leadership positions but got there by accident. I mean, How else would a leader have everything in his disposal but does nothing intelligent with it. Isn’t it disappointing that at this stage in the nations history, our leaders are still struggling with issues that many countries has gone past, issues like the Nigeria educational system, health care, power supply, corruption, recently terrorism and a host of other issues.

On a straight throw, Nigeria will only become equal to other developed nations when her leaders begins to think less of their pocket and more of the nation and people they rule.



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  1. And when will that be when the children are told that more money means God loves you!

    Chris Adukwu
    June 10, 2013 at 7:10 pm