Why the November 5 plan of Biafra Zionist Movement never panned out.

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Few months ago, Barrister Benjamin Onwuka, leader of Biafra Zionist Movement (BZM) stated that come 5th of November this year, he and his group will re-declare the Sovereign State of Biafra. They went through to the United Nations, African Union, etc to establish their mark, ever since then, fingers were crossed, waiting for the D-Day, which by date is today.

Individuals and groups who still have this date in mind have waited to hear the news of the declaration since morning but nothing of such has yet come up. According to report making rounds, it was alleged that the group leader, Bar. Benjamin Onwuka was abducted by members of the Ralph Uwazulike-led Movement for the Actualization of the Soverign State of Biafra, MASSOB.

Also whisked away from their residences to an unknown destination were the BZM National Chairman, Samuel Edeson, Nweke Nweke, National Secretary and Chukwuma Orienta, a member of the group from Onitsha.

BZM’s Director of Mobilization, Cornelius Anyanwu, alerted newsmen after receiving a call from one of the group members before being taken away by his captors. The Director said they have concluded all necessary arrangements for successful inauguration of Biafra Republic on November 5. He also stated that the group had scheduled a meeting in Enugu, yesterday morning ahead of Monday’s event, before the abduction.

When MASSOB leaders, Chief Ralph Uwazulike was contacted, he said they only invited them for questioning. That they want to reason with them about their plan for Monday. He stated that they were in support of Biafra but that what they (BZM) are doing amounts to making caricature of the Biafran struggle.

Having repeatedly gone through this stuff, the big question that runs through the minds of want-to-be Biafrans is this, if MASSOB is uninterested of pursuing the Biafran course, why are they head-on on stopping other interest group?

I am not here to instigate violence, but those behind MASSOB has long been on the struggle with no positive result, as a matter of fact, it appears they no longer have the drive in them. Since after Chief Uwazulike was arrested and imprisoned, the Igbos believe he has gone soft on his quest for the green-land. Two nights ago, i had an online chat with half a dozen of high profiled Igbo men and women, their responds to my questions confirmed to me that they were eagerly waiting for the big date set aside by the BZM. I could tell the same goes for the other Igbo speaking individuals.

A lot of people are asking, what exactly is happening, is Ralph Uwazulike no longer interested in the course? Why exactly did they abduct leaders of the other group?

What do you think, do you think the Igbos should be allowed to go? Lets know your take on this.