Why The World Is Not A Happy Place.

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Over 400 million people in the world are entrepreneurs, 430 million are unemployed, 577 million are older than 64, 800 million work industrial jobs, 1.4 billion work in agriculture, 1.9 are too young to work (age 0 – 15). In all this, the people in it, are not happy because from all indication, the world in itself, is not a happy place to be in.

In every corner of the sphere, all we see around is war, countries waging war against one another, individuals and groups taking up arms on its own people and the government betraying the trust that the people placed on them; rape and sexual harassment making a quick ascension to the throne of abnormality; lawlessness and corruption gaining grounds across the world with no view to a quick end.

The world is not a happy place because it’s not safe, it’s not safe because people are living life based on the principle of survival of the fittest. No one cares whether or not his brother or sister is the person lying across the street as long as it does not directly affects him/her. Question is, for how long are we expected to continue living this life of unholyness?

Whether or not we are willing to accept it, the threat to this world is much and right now, everyone, first world and third world, and even fifth world must come together, agree on a single path to follow, one that does not involve war, corruption, lawlessness, violence, joblessness etcetera. Only then, can we experience a much more peaceful world where everyone, will be happy in.