Why wasn’t the movie Spartacus banned in Nigeria?

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In all honesty, when I chose this topic I wasn’t entirely sure the sort of reactions I will get, in fact, I had to first put myself in the shoes of my prospective readers in order to see how, or from what angle I will tackle the issue if I am to make a comment after reading through. A part of me as a reader says why on earth should such an interesting and highly action packed movie be banned? And the other part says been action does not cut it, why all the nudity?

A good question isn’t it? Why all the nudity? The truth is, in reality I have not seen and don’t think I will be able to bring myself to seeing that varieties of breasts, hips of all sizes, positions of love making that are remotely out of this planet. In one sentence, the movie Spartacus is an action packed reality TV pornographic exposition that funny enough, has made its mark in the movie industry today. Let me explain to you how dangerously bad the movie is, sometime last month, I was invited to give a talk in one of the tertiary institutions in the country, on the topic “Moral Decadence in the Society”. I got to the venue two hours before the time since I was trying to avoid what many of you refer to “African time”. While I was there, I decided to while away time by making several strolls to some interesting places in the university, after about thirty minutes when I didn’t see much students moving around the school compound and it was on a weekend (Saturday), I decided to visit the male hostel, everywhere was quiet and that amazed me the more. I felt maybe, just maybe most of them who live close to the university has gone home for the weekend. On looking ahead, I saw a sign that says “Common Room”, noise was coming out of it but not noise from the people inside but that of television. As I got close, the door was agile, I gently pushed it, stoked in my head to see what was going on and behold, an approximate number of about 45 persons, 7 of which, are girls whom I believe was brought in by their boyfriends, were watching SPARTACUS.

The scene I met them watching was rugged, they were all quiet, some of the guys crossed their legs, those who were sitting on the carpeted floor folded their legs and held it tight with their two hands. As for the ones with girls, they were politely practicing what they were seeing on the screen. In fact the mood that they were all in that very day was indescribable. I was like, oh dear God! What has the world turn into? It did however, gave me more thing to talk about on the Moral Decadence topic. It took two to three weeks for that picture to leave my memory and all those while, I was saying to myself, the government ban music videos where women are at least putting on some clothes; they ban home videos where women cover up themselves to make camera love to their compatriots, why then have they allow the continuous circulation of a movie where women don’t bother to put on even pants; where love making has become a public business and manhood been shown like a plantain in the market place? Is there something that they see that am not seeing? Some economic benefits to it that I’ve not yet considered? Don’t they care about little children who may accidently come across it?

The more such movies is allowed to enter into our market and make ways into our homes, the more threatened our society will be through moral decadence.



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  1. saprtacus is a tv series, it is aired on satelite tv, the stories were told exactly as they happened.nobody was forced to watch it..every one has free will and know exactly what they are doin and/or watching.

    Henrietta Gyams Mustapha
    May 2, 2013 at 3:37 pm


    Arc Mike
    May 3, 2013 at 9:19 am

  3. That’s right Mike, what is bad is bad no matter how well polished it appears to be. Even what is aired via satellite can be stopped if its carriage is damaging.

    Jeff Okoroafor
    May 3, 2013 at 1:46 pm

  4. When we comment on issues like the above it is FOR THE SAKE OF OUR LITTLE ONES. Adults are free to do as they please, infact you are left to your conscience and the way you view and understand the teaching from your pastor or imam. We should be careful what comes into our homes, homes does not exempt our streets and dear country and its environs. Things like this give me concern as to the colleagues my children sit and study with in class. Are we safe? Questions….. Too many questions, but with few or NO ANSWER at all. God help us.

    May 7, 2013 at 11:04 am