Why we can’t overlook mistakes anymore

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If Nigeria were to be a land, the rate of misuse and manhandling would have rendered it infertile. Since 1960 till date, there has been this notion in the minds of an average Nigerian leader: That leading the nation right is a learning process.
It is not a learning process when they gather to share the money that are meant for public use; It is not a learning process when they send their children abroad to study or private schools within the country while children of the poor attends unequipped public schools; It is not a learning process when they make policies that don’t matter to or positively affect the citizens; It is not a learning process when they decide to send their children to safe and well paid places for youth service while children of the poor are sent to war zone areas. If all these are not a learning process, why then will it turn into a learning process when the people ask for steady and adequate power supply or quality and healthy educational system or good road networks or the provision of other necessary basic amenities that makes life meaningful, why?

Before putting up this piece, I had a very strong debate with my brother on the issue of government not playing their role in protecting lives and properties etc. He believes the government is sensitive to the plight of Nigerians; He also believe that the rot in terms of corruption in the country has been around for ages and that it will take more than President Jonathan to clear them all in one night.
Showing sensitivity to Nigerians plight is not the issue, what is important is making sure that the sensitivity is transformed to actionable objectives and goals. That the rot in terms of corruption being around for ages doesn’t make it right for the nation; It doesn’t make it something we have to live with for the rest of our existence as a country. The youths can’t do the right thing in order to transform the nation when they constantly strive to survive in the midst of abandonment.

People will not pledge to  be faithful, loyal and honest to a country that has provided them with untold hardship and misery. People will not obey the call to service to a nation that has snatched the lives of their loved ones due to insecurity and misplaced priorities in the country. People will no longer respect or serve their leaders right when they only eat and forget about them…

The mistakes are now too much and too clear to be overlooked anymore. Leaders should be bold enough to take responsibility of their actions where necessary, and stop insulting the intelligence of Nigerians by telling them its a learning process. What is happening in the country today is part political and part result of long time neglect and deceit. They say the youths are the leaders of tomorrow, but where will they lead when the tomorrow never come for them?