World population reduction virus: Bird Flu, taking it all out.

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Well, if you have glued yourself to international cable news network’s lately, you’d have heard about what i call “the all new bird flu”. The H7N9 virus, which took its startup base in China. From report, those who have been affected by this flu are all in a very critical states, the strange thing is, even when quarantined, the damn thing finds a way to jump out of holding rooms and filter into tin airs in search of human breathe.

The fear and worries that circulate the airwaves today, right now, is that this particular virus, that is an advancement or rather an improvement to what scientist use to know, have come to reduce the world’s population. That my friend, isn’t the only worries or fear as the case maybe, they also fear that it might spread quicker taking it base from China. You and i know how viral China is in terms of products manufacturing in the areas of electronics etc., people of all kinds, from various countries, trips to China for one thing or another. The biggest worry right now is that sooner than later, this H7N9 virus will reach every country in the world. Some of the experts are asking, should China be stopped from exporting anything to other countries pending when the virus is contained?

Drawing my lines down to Africa’s biggest and strongest nation, Nigeria, the home of possibilities and amazing characterizations of individual personifications, should they or will they careless about this virus as usual or they will take heed and be careful regarding importation of goods from China, or even paying a visit to the affected country? I spoke with a few people after getting a wind of what is happening in China, the responds i got was weird, though not strange. Some of the people i talked to said as far as they are concerned, they are going to keep on eating birds irrespective of whatever it is that is going on in China. Other few said its China’s business not theirs, meaning, they will travel to China as long as they have business over there.

We are free to have our individual opinions almost on every issues, we are free to decide what to and what not to do with our individual lives, and we are very much also free to, eat whatever chicken there is, whether affected or not, but the thing is, we should be wise to take smart and positive steps towards bringing damaging and live threatening virus into our homes. China is fighting hard to find a solution to this problem and other countries are assisting as much as they can, we hope they find a way out of it so perhaps, the world can be free.