Youths: A Force Sheathed -By Ishaq Usman

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Nigerian Youths


Continuity of life is a necessary ingredient for the progress of any society. This is hinged on the importance of the mechanism(s) that ensures this continuity. Their force inherent, their productivity, a potential that cannot be completely harnessed makes this mechanism a force highly coveted by the high and mighty. They know that this mechanism unsheathed is a force unearthed so they,through clandestine wire pulls and panoplies of diabolism, take every step to keep this mechanism within their Mephistophelian suasion.This mechanism, the youths, however help stoke wood to fires burning the little wooden tent they made to protect themselves from dizzying rains of “nothing tomorrow”. They’re oblivious of how much of a force they can be in sorority. Easily divided by various whimsical postures sponsored by the high and mighty,they take up arms to rig themselves out before the commencement of elections. So they fight.Themselves. Driven by banal rage with artificial strength sources from synthetics provided readily by the high and mighty, they’re quick to make enemies out of anybody with a different view. Adept they’re in scheming. Consummate in executing various strategies mapped out by the high and mighty in enthroning their convoluted cycle of ephemeral hedonism.

One cannot help but feel sad on realising what could and can be achieved if they unite. The youth account for the bulk of Nigeria’s population. With a high productivity rate,the percentage of births they account for is considerably higher than any other group. They hold the key to prosperity, a window to tomorrow and an eye to gruesome achievements unmatched. The unity of voices,oneness of purpose and brotherliness in struggle will unleash a new force:a new wave of exciting tomorrows and better days after. The high and mighty have done enough. Its time,more than ever,for Nigerian youths to come together. How pleasing a sight it’ll be if youths in a particular state blockade a governor peacefully,asking him to account for money made and spent? How soothing will it be if they stand up to fight in real life and not slalom behind trendsetting hashtags,name calling,subs,shots, and counter shots on social media? How comforting will it be if they see themselves as brothers in struggle kept in beautiful sufferings punctuated by occasional release of teaspoons of milk from the milk factory built by their sweat and an amalgamation of monies sourced from a source that belongs to everybody? How nice will it be if they refuse to compromise?How exemplary a mosaic it’ll be if they all unite under the flag green?.A force will be unsheathed. The rains of nothing tomorrow will give way.A peaceful beginning will be born.

Its a hope, wither tomorrow, I don’t know but there’s no better time!

Ishaq Usman.
Head, North West Bureau,