Beating The Odds in Nigeria.

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When the Britain got knocked out on stealing from us and tired of our persistent request to be a self government with sovereignty and territorial integrity, and the founders of our country, boldly declared Nigeria’s independence to the world, they knew or rather they thought that they had everything under control, that they have got the power to self-govern themselves, indeed they did. But one thing they forget is that they are to derive their power to govern their new nation from three basic human rights. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The switch from military rule to democratic system of government inspired the nation and its people but depowered many of the powerful people the country has. One big thing they failed to take along with them during the time of democratic acceptance was the words of De Tocqueville, that “in every democracy, the people get the government they deserve”. They asked the people to help give them the government they deserve but failed to provide such government even after getting the support of the people for many years.

This huge forget, or to put rightly, NEGLECT from the government over this long period of years, escalated into what we all are experiencing today: the unemployment, high level corruption, inadequate electricity supply, poor healthcare system, weak educational system, and more recently, homegrown domestic terrorism.
The situation is very bad right now but, we can still turn up the light to iluminate the dark tunnel if we rededicate ourselves to the preservation of those inalienable human rights and set a general resolve to tolerate one another in acceptance of the different ethnic groups, religion and the pursuit for consonant nation building. But even as we carry forth the torch lit by those great men, we need to remember, that its light don’t always shine as brightly as it should. It flickers and grows dim because of aparthy, greed and fear.

We all share the responsibility history has placed in our hands. The future, our future, depends on it and together, we can build a better nation, a better Nigeria.

God bless Nigeria!