Between Football And Nigeria Universities, A Hilarious Reference.

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If FOOTBALL were to be an academic institution in Nigeria then:

  1. Arsenal = FUTO: where the students work hard throughout the year but fail to succeed.
  2. Manchester City = IGBINEDION: where the students purchase all the expensive items and live large but are never interested in their primary assignment (NYSC).
  3. Liverpool = OAU: where the students are very much proud of the academic achievements of their grand fathers.
  4. Manchester United = UNILAG: where students don’t perform well in class except in their final exams and achieve good results.
  5. Chelsea = OSU: where students fail and put the blame on their VC after which, the government will intervene to find a new VC for the school every year.
  6. Real Madrid = UI: where students think they perform best and keep beefing the best students of other schools.
  7. Finally, Barcelona = Adamawa State University: where students work hard, perform well in class and achieve the best result in the whole country.


Do you have any doubt whatsoever or perhaps disagree?



One Response to Between Football And Nigeria Universities, A Hilarious Reference.

  1. Thought I would read something about a club that is equal to Uniabuja. Abi dem nor be like any premier league club. May be they are like a team in English division 1.

    Air Iriaye
    June 11, 2013 at 8:14 am