Daddy freeze, the residue of hate that got blacklisted -By Nneka Okumazie

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There are people in Nigeria who often held bitterness against others, but when they met Christ through a true Church, they learned forgiveness and found it easy to let go.

This, and several other differences, became the genuine Christianity journey – and experience – for many. There have also been physical changes [miracles] in the lives of some.

But to daddy freeze nothing good happens from the Church. He always tells lies and paints the Church in a bad way, saying ridiculous stuff.



How about redirecting some of what he says: for example, all the artists who do entertainment shows are thieves because hordes come to their concerts and the organizers get rich; or all the gym owners are scams because people can also do fitness in their houses; or all the traffic in Nigeria is caused by a football match at a stadium; or it is all the beer parlors in Nigeria that made factories to not exist; or it is the cinemas in Nigeria that caused people to be poor; or it is all the bet, lotto and gambling going on in Nigeria that causes power outages; or the federal government is to blame for all those who kill big rats in their houses and throw to the streets; or all the radio presenters in Nigeria are drug cartels bosses; or all the comedians in Nigeria are responsible for the floods and erosions in the country; or that internet fraud in Nigeria is normalized because the country is rapidly innovative.

Some of these have been said against true Churches and Pastors, in defamations from daddy freeze and his confusion buff.

Daddy freeze: The Brainwashed
Daddy freeze recently said he was blacklisted from getting gigs because of his hate campaign against Churches. He said it to be pitied and – possibly – for donations.

But he was never a threat against the Church. He’s equivalent to a male mosquito that leads an army – on social media, on forums and on comments section.

Threat assessment of daddy freeze should have shown that though he was noisy and unpleasant, he has no power over the Church.

The ants have been on forums for years, but daddy freeze emerged from them to champion their pursuit against the Church. The failure campaign devastatingly failed.

He would often say people will not hear, but that is not the real message, it is that he’s frustrated, stranded, ignored, he miscalculated and equated social media drool to actual power.

An enemy like daddy freeze, shameless, belonging to the mud and gasping for attention, has no intelligence or actual critical thinking.

To him, critical thinking starts and stops at questioning what you don’t want, but how about questioning your choice?

He would say something he read, copied or fabricated – and say whatever else others are saying is false. He would say he’s a critical thinker, but has never done any balanced critical thinking on Church topics.

He knows nothing. There were ways true Churches would have reacted early on, without having their lead Pastors spray at the mosquito.

Daddy freeze: The unschooled
Poverty can be influenced by what people earn [income], spend [prices] and general conditions [standard] of living. None of these are controlled by true Churches, and it is not their responsibility.

Daddy freeze saying poverty is caused by the Church shows he’s wrong.

Electricity, a major problem of underdevelopment in Nigeria, is handicapped by issues with generation and distribution. It has nothing to do with the Church.

Daddy freeze saying underdevelopment is caused by the Church equals him to a delusional person.

There are several results of a wealthy, prosperous and [semi] equal opportunity economy; it could be more billionaires, more innovation, more exports, better education, shaming corruption, etc. Also, billionaires in such places could do more impactful philanthropy while infrastructure and development of the country by the government is great.
Daddy freeze saying few billionaires and philanthropy in Nigeria is caused by the Church shows he knows nothing.

There are several examples of his nonsense. It is nonplussing he got supporters humming along. It shows those supporters, like him, are confused.
A person does not have to be affiliated with any true Church, to at least allow a fair and balanced conversation on national development – causes and solutions.

It is easy to spot his ants, they are biased against the Church – haters, and they combine all Churches and Pastors as one – not same.

At the end of their argument, they’ll never say true Churches are a choice, and like a social activity. That, spending there is voluntary and with discretion. Churches, like other social activities, are not responsible for national development or for underdevelopment in any way.

New and Old Testaments
While the focus of the Bible was mostly people who followed the Lord GOD, Christ and the Holy Spirit, there were several others in those times that weren’t mentioned but led lives their own way.
The Scriptures shows the way of the Lord, and it is a living manual for the repentant. There are cultures and practices from the Old Testament that weren’t applicable in the New.

There are also some examples of life in the New Testament that are not applicable to present life. There could be similarities, but they differ.

There were central messages in the Epistles, on faith, holiness, righteousness, marriage, etc. It didn’t include much on giving, or miracles, or evangelism, or sharing testimonies, etc.
There were [doings of] miracles in Acts. There was [the doing of] evangelism by the Disciples and Apostles. There were [probably] testimonies, etc. but the Epistles didn’t contain much on these. The Bible didn’t tell much about the order of service in the Churches in the Epistles.

But, on holiness, salvation, change, lifestyle, specific living instructions, fruits of the Spirit, gifts of the Spirit, etc. the Epistles were clear.
There were several Scriptures from the Old Testament in the New. There were also several testimonies, prophecies, miracles, faith, hope, promise, courage, battles, victories, mysteries, etc. referenced in the New.

Tithe was mentioned in the New Testament, but not in the Churches in the Epistles. Offerings too were not mentioned for them. But when Apostle Paul said that Churches in Macedonia, and Philippines gave to him, how did they gather what they gave to him? Was it the first and last time they ever contributed because they needed to support the Apostle? Was giving directly to Apostle Paul a scam?

How were the Churches built, maintained and how did they expand? How did they continue to give to the poor around them – after Acts when they laid stuff at the Apostles’ feet? Since Pharisees gave tithes in the New Testament, was it not possible repentant [Jews and Gentiles] did so in those Churches?

So it is probable that just as faith, hope, etc. were carried on from the Old Testament, tithe, and offerings too were carried into the New Testament – and till present day.

So tithe is not a scam, first fruit and offerings too aren’t, they are examples of giving. Just like faith, hope, testimonies, miracles, they are great. They are also a choice and in accordance with faith.

Church reformation
Yes, true Churches in Nigeria needs some reforms in some ways, but in trying to rebrand and be different, certain Churches have missed the way.

Also, there is an abundance of fake churches and pastors. Just because they call themselves pastor, or church does not mean all their nonsense acts invalidates Christianity. There are really true Churches, for faith, hope and worship, where the Spirit of the Lord is, and the Power of GOD.

One of the true Churches RCCG with branches everywhere, needs to get better with branches or parishes for prayers only. Not just prayer services at a regular Church, but dedicated places for prayers. Opened for prayers on days [including Saturdays] where there are no services in other branches.

Also they can start online blogs and forums against internet addictions, including social media addiction, pornography addiction, chat addiction, status upload addictions, etc. The resources, submission and overcoming stories will be helpful and be useful to their core vision and mission.

Looking unto the Almighty GOD, it is good to remember Psalm 97:2-4, “Clouds and darkness [are] round about Him: righteousness and judgment [are] the habitation of His Throne. A fire goeth before Him, and burneth up His enemies round about. His lightnings enlightened the world: the earth saw, and trembled.


One Response to Daddy freeze, the residue of hate that got blacklisted -By Nneka Okumazie

  1. Madam Okumazie , I can see the passion with which you are defending the church and lampooning Daddy Freez. I do not think that Daddy Freez hate the church but those who drag the church and all that it represents to the mud.By the way, Which church are you talking about? Do you have your Church? Are you talking about Christendom? Madam, the golden rule says “Do unto others how you want them to do unto you”. And Christ taught his disciple to love their neighbours as themselves. Are you living by these principle, Madam? Do not get so worked up that one can even read anger and hate in your writing for that cannot even make you or anyone earn haven. It is the life that lives that matters.Simple! If Daddy Freez lives by the golden rule do you think you are closer to God than him? Christ also said it is not about those calling him father! Father! but about those that do the will of his father in Heaven. Madam,I know it is about faith but be wise and beg God for more wisdom.It is not about Daddy Freez but about what he is saying. God can even raise his prophet from unlikely quarter.

    Oliver Ejike Uja
    September 17, 2018 at 9:01 am