Edward Snowden: The patriotic whistleblower

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“I can’t allow the US government to destroy privacy and basic liberties – Edward Snowden”

Ever since the story of Edward Snowden, the “American” erstwhile technical contractor for the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) broke out, I chose to stay off if and keep sealed my opinion in the matter until this very moment. My decision to take part in the disturbing topic is due to the line of unethical path the story has taken. It is more than obvious that the American government is bent on capturing Snowden for the purpose of prosecution and avoidance of further exposure of government secrets.

Edward Snowden is today worldly known for revealing details of classified government surveillance programs (both of US and the UK), and been charged by the American government for theft of government property, unauthorized communication of national defense information, and willful communication of classified intelligence with an unauthorized person.

Recently, Becky Anderson of CNN interviewed a U.S government official on issue regarding Snowden with particular interest on whether or not Mr Snowden specifically went to NSA for the purpose of gathering and exposing classified documents to America’s rivals, his response was that Mr. Snowden is and I quote, “an anti-American whose patriotism to his country is to be questioned after his recent act”.

Now there are lots of mixed feelings regarding Snowden’s actions, some call for his head on a plate while many others (the public whose interest he’s fighting for) ask that he be allowed to exercise his will to information and communication as he deemed fit. America as well as other power drunk nations in the world today can say whatever they will concerning this young man’s action but the truth remains that if they, America especially, does not keep off of other people’s business which their own citizens are beginning to get tired of, more and more of such publications or leaks, will keep pouring in and there is nothing they can actually do about it.

Citizens of many nations today, most especially the Arab world and even more recently the Chinese, rise up to fight their government not because they want to, but because the American government through their international spies, instigate them to do so in order to achieve an aim – gaining control of those nations resources as well as dictating what should and should not happen. These, are reasons that justifies Snowden’s actions of sealed document revelation.

Opinionistically speaking, Snowden has done what he felt was right and just for the people whose data are been intercepted for wrongful use. The spy I see is not Snowden but the millions of U.S officials who are out there, bribing their way through to gather classified information about other nation’s government as well as their security strategies. He should be allowed to live his life and not be hunted like carnivorous animal.


Do you think Edward Snowden deserves to be prosecuted by the U.S or any country at all for his actions?

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