I Weep For Nigeria (#iWeepForNigeria)

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Who is that man, that woman, that group who will rather see their own destroyed? Who will comfortably sit back, play the dumb master while houses burn, while properties are destroyed, while HUMAN LIVES are wasted in Nigeria on daily basis? Who is that? Is it you, Boko Haram members or is it you, SPONSORS of Boko Haram?

Every time your compatriots attack and kill Nigerians, i ask myself, what is the problem? How much wrong have we committed to make you hate us this much? Is our sins unforgivable? We, ordinary Nigerians feel what you feel, we suffer what you suffer, we cry in hunger every single day and we experience what you experince so, why kill us? Why burn the little things that we look and hold onto for a better tomorrow? Why punish us by inflicting more pains to us? Ask yourselves members of Boko Haram, these people that request you do this, these people that sponsor you to do this, ask yourselves, where were they when Nigeria was heading to the rock-side? Where were they when Nigeria was crash-landing? Where were they when Nigeria’s population was growing and nothing is been planned to accommodate such growth, where were they? Have you asked them? For years they ruled this country, they brought this country to its knee, they expanded the frontiers of corruption in Nigeria, lowered the standard of education, refuse to engage the youths and today they tell you that the problem is PRESIDENT GOODLUCK JONATHAN, how?

We know that you are angry, we are too. We are not just angry we are in pains. We look at other nations who don’t have as much as we do in terms of natural and human resources yet, blossoming in all sectors. We look at others countries with same history as Nigeria but has landed themselves in world stage while we are still wallowing in trial and errors. We know that all this could hurt any feelings, we know that all these could generate hate for your country men and women, for your own very existence, but how can the killing of innocent Nigerians help solve this problem my friends, how?

Let me tell you something MR SPONSOR, you think you can rubbish a government so you can get back to the mantle of leadership and clean up the system? You think nature isn’t taking down its note on you? Do you really think God is sleeping or stupid? You think that some how, at the end of this whole thing you will magically assume a position and succeed? You lie SPONSORS of Boko Haram, you lie! If you are in doubt of what your fate will be, well let me make it clear to you, you will get what is due to you. You will be found and prosecuted within and without. Nature will pronounce anathema to your name. Nothing good will happen to you. The souls of those Nigerians who have died through the actions of Boko Haram will hunt you and give you no rest. Your days will be long but tormented, Nigeria will be in peace but not you.

I am weeping for Nigeria today not just because of what Boko Haram has done, or is doing, but because even in our suffering, we still remember who we are, NIGERIANS. God bless Nigeria!