Is it possible for corruption to carry placards?

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Corruption and indiscipline are critical issues in Nigeria today, one weird thing is that no leader however, has been able to address this scourges and addressed it right. Contrary to the wide held believe, corruption is actually not the biggest challenge that Nigeria has, but also the lack of general framework for accountability in all spheres of our national life.

Don’t get me wrong, corruption is one of the biggest problems we currently have in Nigeria today, but when we talk of corruption, we should also talk of the fact that there is a need to develop a general framework for accountability. Where are the roads? Where are the power plants? Where are the airports? Where are the ports? And what have you! It is the absence of those positive interventions in the economy not just the corruption, which continues to add to the difficulties the people experience in the country.

The ruling class has not done enough to fight corruption or factors of corruption. At times i don’t blame armed robbers, in fact, the only time i blame them is when, like the Boko Haram, kill or steal from ordinary people who are suffering the same fate as themselves instead of the ruling class who has infested them. When the ruling class keep amassing wealth and living in affluence while every other person suffer, it calls for concern and deep worry.

If you review our budget from 1999 till date, you will discover that none of these budgets has been implemented up to 45%. Every national budget is a law, so what this means is that the ruling class has been breaking the law all these while what no one of them been punished for not implementing the law.

Imagine where corruption is carrying placards, its only aim will be to increase its activities and nothing more. This trend has survived long enough, no one is willing to move the bucket for a change to take place, i say it’s time we all, the Nigerian youths, come together to move this filthy and disgusting bucket of corruption away.