Lost Harvest -By Issa Ahmed Babatunde

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I am not a fear monger but just being an observing citizen, when the future of a country is falsely spell bound by the thoughts and deeds of its leaders fueled with lies and distorted ideas, the country will keep encountering a process without progress.

However in the return of events, our society is in great danger. This is what the politicians are unaware of because they believe themselves to be very powerful with the looted funds, capable of buying their ways out always.
They have gotten it wrong, a time will come your money won’t be able to save you.

What is going to happen in a short time is the emancipation of the slavery of minds that they have always bought with peanuts, I hope they remembered the last
election , the people yarned for a change and they got it!

I suppose the fact that we are all now live in a false world really i.e. what is portrayed in the media as going on and what is really going on behind closed doors varies hugely, ‘the he who pays the piper dictates what goes to public theory comes in play’. Many facts and figures on what is really happening here in the country takes a different shape, the official spin on it all bears little relevance to the reality of the situation that is being dispersed through slick PR and propaganda with widespread distortion of the facts through media.

The so called leaders and politicians can deny this fact as they have always done by deceiving people and distorting facts because of their pride, conceit and ambition for power.

Many times a few lone voices made attempts to shout and try to stop what those in power are doing, Those few lone voices are quickly put back into their boxes by the media and the powers that be who naturally have a huge financial vested interest in keeping things exactly as they are.

They can laugh like braying donkeys right now but I hope they are able to measure the magnitude of the consequences of what they have been doing and done in the past.

The Poli-trickcians have riddled the society with bribery and corruption in order to put themselves in charge, they believe they can control minds, acting as gods but they got it all wrong, the so called powers that exist today will be devastated economically and morally.

The looted funds they so much believe in will disappear (where is our oil today?) and lose its value within a very short time, people now commit crimes for free lately not minding the consequences as hunger, poverty, depression, fear of unknown, recession and all sorts have massively set in, people no longer fear death or any sort of punishment, crime is becoming a norm.

When justice sets in itself the so called rulers will not be able to endure a single jolt and they will remain paralyzed by fear and terror they created.

I called this time a moment of tragedy and darkness; tremors, murder, money rituals, kidnapping, suicide bombing will become the order of the day.

A lot people will become mentally unstable because the economy will crumble, most people will just live to survive filled with a lot of sleepless night because of insecurity and those who sleep will do it with just one eye closed, markets will become deserted, those who have jobs will lose it and those employed will find it difficult to save their earnings.

People will throw themselves in the face of danger, so you the rich politicians should imagine what a person of such who has nothing to lose, mentally unstable and irrational will be.

This piece of write up is not meant or intended to frighten the politicians but when last did you take a walk down the streets of your country as a leader to see the anger in people?

You politicians didn’t foresee the consequences behind arming the youths during election period for your own personal interest, forgetting that when the beast you’ve turned them into has nothing to feed on it will later haunt you.

This process will start suddenly, it will be a long, distressing and painful process, it will commence piece by piece until it get to its peak when there will be no where for you to run to.

Our leaders will be the victims of their own invention, there already monsters, wild beasts around, do you not see the killings and

I refer to this process as a ‘Lost Harvest’ because it is a product of what you the politicians and so called rulers have groomed many into, be prepared to reap what you sown.