Manchester United manager, David Moyes is living on a knife edge.

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David Moyes dismal performance at Old Trafford has left so many faces frowned and eyebrows raised. Manchester United have exited every competition they went in this season, and most certainly are going without a single trophy, well unless those who consider Community Shield a trophy and they will definitely not be a Manchester United supporter. Moyes has successfully smothered the Old Trafford faithful. Long has David enjoyed the unflinching support of the Glazers family, but it certainly seem like the Glazers family have exhausted every inch of faith they had for Moyes and now they are irate and eager to cut the former Everton FC manager lose and cut their losses.

This is the worst Manchester United side ever in the history of the club. They are showing little or no sign of improvement, coupled with the fact that more than ever before the club is confused on the pattern of play to adopt. The players are playing without an iota of enthusiasm. David Moyes have broken all the record that was set by previous managers at Manger. The last straw that broke the camels back, is the 2-nil loss at the home of Everton, which means for the first time since 1970, Everton did a double over Manchester United and looks more certain to finish above the red devils. The defeat to Everton means that the hope of a top four finish is up in flames -perhaps the most embarrassing thing is that in both home and away game with the blue half of Mersyside, the Old Trafford giant could not muster a single goal, which means they never had it in them to put one pass Evertons’ defense this season.

Sometimes on the field of play it looks like the players are refusing to play for the manager, like a thing of sabotage. Probably that is Manchester United players way of protesting against a manager they disapprove of, instead of going to the media. What a wonderful job Roberto Martinez has done at Everton -the fans will be biting their fingers in agony asking why they did stick with Moyes for 11 years. With the way Everton are going within a few years from now they will be challenging for the EPL trophy. Manchester United are slumping at an alarming rate, which has prompt the board to start looking for an option for the “Chosen one” of Old Trafford. The potential target on the list of the red armies, to take over the job at Manchester United are; Jorgen Klopp of Borussia Dortmund, Diego Simione of Atletico Madrid, and the controversial Netherlands manager, Luis Val Gaal.

The question of should Moyes be sacked has already been answered by Manchester United board, the world await their answers very soon?! The question here is, will it be justified if he’s asked to leave the seat at Old Trafford? Will it have any significant effect on the club? Or should Morsy be given at least one more season to either prove himself or drag the club further down? Please, have your say.