Mother’s Day: Sanctity of Motherhood.

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Mother’s day is a day of the year on which mothers are particularly honoured by their children (in North America and South Africa the second Sunday in may; in Britain the fourth Sunday in Lent, Mothering Sunday). Though different groups celebrate this day on different days of the year, but the point remains that the uniqueness of motherhood is something that warrants massive respect.

Every woman is a potential mother, and as such have a greater role to play in shaping the future of a nation. Invariably if a mother plays her role effectively and more efficiently the society will be better for it, free from social vices. It is in the nature of mothers to care; a young man once played a joke but, so seriously that he felt even though he is completely messed up on drugs, that it is still the job description of his mother to love him and I was indeed shocked because the mother still cared about his son, the drug addict. God made it the nature of women to care, they are blessed with calculative moves and the patience required in solving problems distinct from their male folks.

Mothers put their kids first in every decisions they make and it must be stated categorically that children do not make a woman a mother. Women have to realize that singular fact if they are to forge a strong and better society through molding the character of their children and their neighbours children. Every girl child is a future mother, whether with kids or not they are mothers and mothers of larger society this is what mothers of nowadays have to recognize and the failure to understand this have cost the nation, whence, nations are bleeding to death from lack of moral and social ethics required to adjust and accommodate one another in societies. A literature review have it from good authority that for every bad child a woman fail to correct at a tender age turns around to corrupt ten more, which continues to snowball into thousands and eventually affect the good kids around them.

The Boko Haram, Al Queda, and other terrorist groups the world suffer from today are products of a home and most definitely from a woman. Most of the trouble we face today are not natural, but artificially caused by humans and they are problems that could be corrected or controlled at the early stage if much attention was given to them in the beginning. Instead some women are quick to conclude, by saying, after all, he is not my child and forgetting that no ones child comes to rob his home, but instead that child you fail to straighten because its not yours will be the one to unleash untold mayhem in your home.

So, dear mothers as we make concerted effort to celebrate women every year, know that there is a very big task ahead of you. Great power comes with greater responsibility. Your advice and wisdom are needed to take nations to greater height and as you recognize that that next door neighbour’s kid is your responsibility the world will be structured into a better place for all to live in.

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