NIGERIA: The Lie and The Truth

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We are Nigerians, we cherish good life but hardly ever willing to assume responsibility for what we deserve. We long for a nation but have neither the will nor guts to assert our right to self determination. Hardly does anyone care how our affairs are run. We cherish the ideals of democracy and good governance; but we would rather it is our brother who is in power. We love the reward of mediocrity and overnight riches yet we are surprised our nation is riddled with corruption. We are eager to disagree yet we are frustrated there is no peace in the land. Every day we insist Nigeria must remain ONE but our allegiance is to ourselves, religion and our tribe.

When NEPA or PHCN denies us light we never seek to ask why: it is about who is first to put on his or her generator. We never seek to know our right because we are not prepared to fight for it . We would rather pray for peace than to fight for justice. We love religion but hardly ever willing to listen to truth. We seek God but our loyalty is to our belly. We are a people never ready for responsibility yet we are never prepared for eventuality We insist we must have our way yet we are frustrated nothing is working! Would there be more corruption, more challenges? Until we say enough is enough Change is not a wish, change is a person; a decision to do things differently. It takes both truth and character to be free. God have mercy on Nigeria!

Where the journey begins
Whatever we fail to build will never become a reality Whatever we fail to maintain will decline. And whatever we fail to reproduce will go into extinction. The reality of today’s Nigeria is proof enough that life is not a privilege but a responsibility. A nation is neither built on emotions nor on lies. A nation is a creation of law and justice, upheld by trust. The journey of a nation begins with a decision – a resolve to have a nation! To have a nation we crave for is to give up our right of governing our lives to the collective will of the State. The journey of a new Nigeria begins with a decision to reject and deny ourselves the unjust and temporary reward of corruption, tribalism and opportunism.

This is the law of social contract
A nation must cost you your LIFE – your privilege. It is time we stop living in delusion – our salvation is neither in foreign investors nor in borrowed wisdom To lean on your captors for freedom is to pass on slavery from generation to generation. Change is not a wish, change is a person; a decision to do things differently. Welcome to a new Nigeria!



One Response to NIGERIA: The Lie and The Truth

  1. What a comment! An undiluted truth, the type Nigerians will say yes it is true o and will do nothing about it to leave the true. Some times I am under the believe that this nation is cursed or under a spell. If not we know our problems and pretend they are not there just because of tribe or religion. Sorry Nigeria!

    Chris Adukwu
    June 10, 2013 at 6:22 pm