The Aviation ministry needs to get serious with Nigerian lives!

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Not once not twice i’ve heard from the lips of many who fight to keep united, Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria, say that they wish things would have been made more simpler for them. These lines are often drawn up with a pointed finger in the direction of Nigerian leaders. Decisions are made in a rush, actions often comes back to hunt and hurt those they lead and policies are never in favour of the people but their pockets. That’s actually the true face of the Nigeria many of you live in today.

Some group believe that the suspension of Dana Air will further compound the problem of shortage of airlines already being suffered by the travelling public. The first question that came to my mind when people started complaining about what is actually the third suspension of Dana Air since June last year was, “which one should better be preffered, shortage of aircrafts or abundant of flying coffins?”. I quite agree that the suspension calls for questions: Was the previous investigation carried out inconclusive before the suspension was lifted? Were there actually, any form of investigation even carried out in the first place or did they just stop them for a while after the dust settled, they reactivated them? These are questions that the ministry of aviation and FAAN needs to answer.

We know that technology isn’t perfect, we know that at times accident may occur because its an inevitable thing but, we must do our part to make sure that the frequent nature of its occurrance is mitigated and that “our part”, is what is missing. Nigerian leaders, in this case those behind the Aviation ministry and FAAN, have lackadeisical attitude towards everything most especially when it barely affects them.

There are certain actions from the side of government that will make one think they are been paid to do things in the manner they often do. Dana Air claimed lives of innocent Nigerians without blinking and same goes for other airlines that runs through Nigeria. Those in charge of making sure that these airlines operate in perfect state play games and get peoples live all hung up in a cliff. Nigerians shouldn’t be dying like common birds, airlines must be made to put their airplanes through the required CHECKS before passing them for fly-around.

For crash by air to reduce in Nigeria, the government must wake up to their responsibilities. Those in charge with monitoring and evaluation must do their job and do it well. They shouldn’t collect BRIBES, wish everything away and put their lives of Nigerians in danger. People are flying, boosting the nations economy, the little they can do is guarantee them safety.