The Fifth Columnist Against The Nigerian State -By Flexbaniel Blessing Oyefeso

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Governor Tanko Al-Makura of Nasarawa State


From all indication pertaining  to the current political issue of concern as regards to the clamor for Restructuring of Nigeria political  landscape by members of the public and concern elites. Juxtaposing this political reality with the National Assembly position  couple with the body languages of northern governors and elders and with today’s revelation statement by governor Almakura of Nassarawa state during during the installation ceremony of Emir of keffi, Mr. Almakura spoke the mind of Northers Governors and elders when giving his well writing speech, referring to the stakeholders calling for restructuring of Nigeria as “Unscrupulous Element within Nigeria political environs”.

Having listen to various issues around the call to restructure Nigeria, from the National Assembly unpatriotic decision to the south, east and western elders take on the matter. I  am left with no doubt that the northern Nigeria is the fifth columnist against the development of true federalism. I am profoundly disappointed by Governor Almakura, the northern elders and the National Assembly, for taking the entirety of other region as fool and weakling for too long. The truth is like a smoke, it can not be hidden, you can hide it for a while but it will surely let loose. If we fail to learn from history, history will repeat it’s self before our eyes. The future of Nigeria is blinking and like a time bomb waiting to explode, Nigeria will disintegration before their very eyes, peacefully or forcefully as history has it in record.

My advise for the Northern elders is that soon the people of south and western region will explode and demand for their sovereignty from the marriage of 1914.

Let be truth be told, the people are aware of the antiquity of the northern founding fathers and leaders as well as the effort of the present northern elders, governors and legislatures  to preserve the sins of their leaders.

The reality of this notion is well writing on the wall.

God bless Nigeria.