This Government!

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This Government-OpinionNigeria
This government, this government, and this government. I am not particularly referring to the government of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. My reference is to the entire government that Nigeria has had since her independence from its Western colony. Government whether local or international, is an intangible entity occupied by human beings and for that singular reason, is blameless of whatever it becomes in the process of usage. The people who are to be blamed for her roughness and unproductive live are the occupant of the host, the leaders.

The leadership of this government has not been fair to Nigeria as an entity and the people of Nigeria as citizens and loyal followers. A government where corruption thrives in all stages of its creation; a government where aptitude test for applicants is conducted in a National Stadium; a government where for an available position of 4552, 500,000 applicants are invited for a test of qualification; a government where unemployment keeps climbing high and the people in leadership cannot do anything about it; a government where the people ask not for jobs but an enabling environment so they can create jobs as entrepreneurs but no one listens to them; a government where a hungry boy steals mango and goes to prison while a Senator steals billions of naira and gets accolades; a government where part of the country is ceded to another country with its people in it, all in the name of gaining recognition…this government!

In as much as we are tired of this government, we are willing to make it feel right but the people in the helm of affairs in this government, has made our efforts look like child’s play. The people who controls this government has made the nation unsafe for Nigerians, every now and then Nigerians fear for what might happen next, whether or not they will be the next victim of Boko Haram or kidnappers. We have been living in pain, suffering and in fear, for how long do we hope to continue like this in this government?
Why do they think and believe that the Nigerian Police Force cannot be made superb? What stops the leaders from re-organising and re-strategizing to see that Nigerian police meet the level their counterparts are in other countries where most of them travel to in split seconds? It will not be a bad idea for the leaders in this government to cut down their salaries so that men and women of the Nigerian police can earn more and feel relevant with agility and coverage to work, giving in their all in protecting lives and properties.

Our system of education is the best in the world but the policies behind its implementation cripples in entire idea, making it look cropped, shallow and unserious. Students are not challenged, lecturers are not disciplined, infrastructural facilities are inadequate, why then should they expect that the fruits generated from such enclaves will be of world standards. The simple solution to this issue isn’t changing the system but to re-organize the curriculum in our tertiary institutions, improve in great deal, teachers welfare and build infrastructure with world standard facilities and most importantly, staging a monitoring process to protect these inputs…this government can do it.

It cost nothing to fight corruption in this government but only takes guided decisive actions, sparing no cow whether sacred or not. The leadership of this government can put smiles on the faces of Nigerians if they choose to do the right thing, starting with the National Dialogue. The truth remains that the people behind the administration of this government cannot do it all by themselves, they need the help of the people, the Nigerian people, you and i. For them to offer better security to you and i, we have to help out with INFORMATION no matter how little. For them to sanitize the society we have to put things where they are supposed to be. This government is not just weak but trembling, we can make it strong and unshakable, together, we can build a better and stronger nation…can’t we?