Growing Cult Of Pants Scavengers -By Festus Adedayo

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A social menace is trending in Nigeria today and is more dominant in the southern part of Nigeria. It sounded so incongruent and unreal until public examples were made. In rituals epistemology, stealing of female pants is far growing higher than the variant we were more used to – using human parts for sacrifice. From the confessions of suspects, it has become glaring that this pants stealing is an act perpetrated by fraudsters, otherwise known as Yahoo Yahoo Boys who, confronted by the dullness of the fraud business, are divesting into rituals. In the last few months, the market or its phenomenon, is said to have been on the upswing. The way it goes is that, discharges inside the pant by the female gender is said to be a potent recipe for money rituals.

Thus, pants spread on line are the surest attraction of these Mephistopheles. In an Ogun State town called Ilese-Ijebu recently, a pants thieves were said to have stormed its female hostel. Disguised as a female, he was said to have been apprehended and the bulky bag he carried found to contain several female pants. Also in Mgbakwu, Awka North Local government of Anambra State, one Ifeanyi was said to have escaped being lynched when he was caught stealing female under-wares.

One of the pant thieves

Now, if this isn’t Armageddon, I don’t know what else is. Gradually, we are confronting the total deconstruction of man and his fast return to the default mental mode of his ape ancestors. In the pursuit of money, man gradually slips to the stage of an ordinary mammal and doesn’t have any gumption from behaving otherwise. Worse hit are our children. Unlike people of our generation who still have some strands of chastity to hold on to, the current generation has no such twine to hold to and the model that plays atop their minds is the cruel, wicked and insensate pursuit of material life. Our generation, which thus benefitted, is not bothered about passing its modicum of morality downwards. Those days, our parents would teach values, teach character and knowledge. In my current pursuit, I deal with young boys and girls of between 20 and 25 years and I can say that the population of children who are not passed unto the impregnable nugget of character far outweigh those who are. It is a money, money society. The songs they sing underscore wealth and they boldly claim they don’t care how it is got. Our governments also worsen the case as there is no provision for children in their immediate, long or even foreseeable plan. The children go through the stress of education and come out to confront joblessness. They thus don’t have any scruples dealing society a blow.

We, their parents and runners of governments, are the culprits of this growing cult of pants scavengers. If someday we get to the presence of our Maker, I wonder what our allocutus would be to be saved the judgment of the hottest part in hell.

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