The definition of a rare-gem: An ordinary but extra-ordinary Nigerian.

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There are very few people in the world with the juice to make a positive change in any given dimension of opportunity. Those few people, are often referred to as generation changers; genius in the arenas of time; the “ordinary”, with the extra-ordinary substance. They are, the true patriots and Achilles of modernization. Great philosophers who has put their hands in the arc of history refer to these individuals as men who in their time, defines a century.

Ordinary Ahmad Isah of Brekete Family is one man whom in the midst of challenges and controversies, has repeatedly continued to redefine man’s ultimate measures. Amazingly, at every other end of the line, there are millions of people, within and outside Nigeria, waiting, and hoping that a touch of light will drop down on their dark tunnels through him.

Is Ordinary Ahmad Isah of Brekete Family a senator representing a constituency in the Federal Republic of Nigeria? Is he a governor, minister, politician, an ambassador or a tycoon in a professional or non-professional field of specialization? No, he’s none of the above listed designations. He’s just an ORDINARY Nigerian, but one with an extra-ordinary flames of passion for the development of the less privileged people in the society. He opens doors of opportunities for Nigerians, restores prosperity and promotes the cause of peace. This single and ordinary Nigerian has succeeded in reclaiming the Nigerian dream and giving other Nigerians the mind to reaffirm that fundamental truth that out of many we are one, that while we breath we hope and that if united, we, as a people, will never fall.

Through his program, Brekete Family (voice of the voiceless), which steadily airs on 104.5 Crowder Love FM, every Mondays through Fridays, many has been helped. Be it a pensioner who has not been paid for over 30 years, an unjustly treated company worker, a falsely convicted person(s), sexually harassed individual, a rapped victim, groups and individuals whose fundamental rights has been violated, a wrongly accused person etc., he stands in for them, it don’t matter whether or not the victim is rich, or a Nigerian, he gives them hope.

He always begin his program with the Hembelembeh…Olololoh! salutation. A branded Brekete Family salutation. “Hembelembeh” simply means “person wen no get anybody, e get God”, and “Olohlololoh” meaning “person wen get God, e get everything”. That is, he who has nobody, has God and he who has God, has everything.

At a time when Nigerians voices were silent and their hopes dismissed, he reached out to them and lends them voices to speak out. When the economic situation in the country was a mess to multitude of suffering masses, he opened up cans of milk to keep them going. As the sun shines heavily from the East, the rain drops mightly from the South, and polio ravishly drain innocent children in the North, with the government turning deaf ears and faint eyes, he snuggled close and offered them a shoulder to lean on. That is the kind of man he is. Such is the personality the government constantly fights to keep from doing what is right, what will lead to a real and true transformation.

Not too many people who made it out of the getto apologizes for it. Most just wink it over and call it their wisdom and articulative prowess. The few who do, make a huge turn around difference for others whom they used to be like. Ordinary Ahmad Isah is a good representation of “the few”. He came from, according to him, the most “retched” family ever. Where he had to do odd jobs (like pushing of wheel barrow, mobile bin-man(baban bola) etc.) to survive.
Coming from a poor family where sharing and service was a lifestyle, he was introduced to the idea that his best is the best, never to be afraid to give his best to what seemingly are small jobs. Every time he conquers one, it makes him that much stronger. If he does the little jobs well, the big ones will tend to take care of themselves and so, need to strive hard to be the very best in any of his life pursuit. He love people even when they don’t love themselves, he holds their hands in the dark and pull them into light.

You remember a popular radio program, “Oga driver”, a program that guides road users on safe driving, the dos and don’ts of driving as well as road usage. He is the brain and the pioneer of that program. He has pulled out hundreds of thousands of people, Nigerians and non-Nigerians, from financial troubles. Out of nothing, something was built.

Its not all about where you come from, its about where you are going to. What your parents are does not determine your failure or success in life. Ordinary Ahmad Isah is a rare gift not just to Nigeria, but the world. If he can make this much of a difference with nothing, you too, can make it.