A Look at the Top Exciting World Cup 2018 Odds

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We are witnessing a unique world cup in 2018. Most of the teams who were counted as favorites are out of the game and the underdogs have come out on top. Now at the end of the quarter-finals, only four teams remain to fight it out. While you might just want to bet and make it big with Betway, here is the thing. You first need to learn how to use Betway online bets – How to deposit money into your account. Then, you could pick your favorite team, and if you pick one that other bettors believe won’t win, you get to win bigger!

Who Can Win this World Cup?

Now, this World Cup has seen many surprising results, including the fact that Germany is out right in the group stage.

We have the competition between Belgium and France on July 10 while England and Croatia will fight it out on July 11. As we all know France has been a top favorite for a long time and has odds of 2 – 1 for the upcoming match. England is standing on odds of 5 – 2 while Belgium has clocked at 11 – 4. Croatia who had played superbly in the tournament has odds of 4 – 1.

The odds have been developed based on the Soccermatics, a formula created by European football expert David Sumpter. The applied mathematician wrote a book called ‘Soccermatics’ which throws light on how math is involved in the game. Sumpter developed the Soccermatic model of odds in collaboration with other expert analysts and it has proved quite efficient on prior predictions.

The Soccerbot model analyzes team performance data and the current odds and predicts the outcome of the upcoming matches by calculating key metrics. The model has increased 1,800% on bookmaker’s closing odds in its mere existence of 2.5 seasons. We surely don’t have anything this successful out there till now!

The model was also used to predict the results of the knockout stage. It had correctly predicted the fall of Uruguay in the hands of France who made its way into the semi-finals. The same formula also worked wonders and predicted the fate of Brazil in their game against Belgium where the former went into the Round of 16 matches. The Soccerbot model was even correct in predicting the draws in case of England vs. Colombia (+215), Croatia vs. Denmark (+225) and Spain vs. Russia (+280).

Prior to that the formula also predicted the win of Iran over Morocco (+275) and prided itself by correctly predicting the draw in case of Brazil vs. Switzerland (+360) and Argentina vs. Iceland (+385). Anyone who had known about the model and followed its predictions right from the beginning is surely quite rich by now!

The model has been backing Belgium for some time now. They have a 28.6% chance of winning the cup with an odd of 11 – 4. We have to wait and see if that comes out correct!