Abuja ladies and the imitation of Western whores.

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Long ago, there once was a generation of decent women, women of high moral standings in the society with a character content that defines upright bringing and the fear of God, those women, were our mothers and grandmothers. They were brought up with the understanding that a woman at all time, should be decently dressed, covering all essential body parts that makes them divine. That innate discipline has been passed from generation to generation until the modification seen in our own generation, the ladies or rather, the women of today’s generation, the 21st century generation.

At times i wonder if some ladies in the federal capital city wake up every morning with the specific intention of showing their ass and other part of their body to the entire world. They call it civilization and modern day fashion but i think they barely understand what the dictionary says about fashion and what it entails. Fashion is not being naked. They wear their skimpy clothes with their belly dancing out in the wind, tight trousers that reveal their entire body curves and sent men committing adultery with their eyes and mind, high-heel shoes that don’t fit but only make them walk like wounded horses, those ain’t fashion, that’s corporate prostitution.

Knowing what to do and how to actually do it are totally two different thing, more than 76% of Abuja ladies finds it very difficult to get married, not because they’re not beautiful enough, they know what to do to become who they want to be but, how to do what they need to do becomes the most difficult task there is. However, instead of figuring it out for themselves and by themselves, they choose the easy option, generational nudity! You see, ladies in the WEST can dress nude and their neighbors, their friends and families, their colleagues in the office and everyone in their world, will not see anything wrong with and about it. They walk half-naked in the beach, to the dance hall, the office and other public place but, its almost part of their culture today, they act and live nude in fact, that’s why they promote and encourage gay marriage, because the Western world is insecure and unprotected.

I try every now and then to understand who these Abuja ladies are or what their games are but the much i try, the more i get entangled in their web of generational nudity. Connecting the dots tells me that their lives are already half-way ruined just as the Western whores but not yet irrepairable unlike that of the Western whores. Let me kalistrate for the Abuja ladies what getting nude would do for them, it will never get them into a decent relationship to start with, it will never get them a decent man to marry, but one thing it will get them for sure is a ruined life, hate and name calling etc. Fashion means looking good and looking good isn’t being naked, if the Abuja ladies don’t change their lifestyle, it might be their greatest undoing.



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  1. They thinks being an attractive girl must be follow the fashion, but they never realize not all kind of fashion is appropriate.

    Most of people see the western culture is a modern culture, as ‘modern human’ they will follow everything from it like fashion to become a center of attention.

    Actually, we can’t blame other culture, but we must protect ourselves from negative impact of external culture.

    Sendy A
    March 3, 2014 at 4:24 pm