Aircraft Crash: Why Families (Individuals) Must Travel Separately -By Femi Akinwumi

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3 generations of Indian-Canadians perished in the ill-fated Ethiopian airline, husband, wife, their 2 children and parents of the wife. The wife was taking her family on tourism to her birthplace in Kenya.

CNN just aired a documentary on another Kenyan family, 3 generations. Grandmother, daughter and 2 grandchildren.

Isn’t family travels on same aircraft too much of a risk? By law of most countries, the president and his vice aren’t allowed to travel on same aircraft, shouldn’t individuals adopt same approach?

Femi Akinwumi

I developed a strong phobia flying with my wife few years ago when she followed me on a trip to Spain. We had this terrible turbulence, and I almost passed out in fear. It wasn’t a personal fear of death.

I looked beside me and saw my wife, and the fear of what would be the lot of my children crippled me. It was like, dear, this turbulence was much o, but I couldn’t say a word, I couldn’t even pray, as I could no longer breathe well. My heart was almost numb.

We got to our destination in peace, but I wasn’t okay for two days, because of the trauma I subjected myself into. Since then, I struggle to put us on same flight despite the fun such companionship bring. And when I do my travel alone, I don’t get so paralyzed no matter the turbulence.

May the souls of the departed rest in perfect peace, amen.

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