Breaking The Silence -By Njoku Ikenna

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President Buhari at the National Mosque during his first return from medical leave


Everybody knows how it ended,the darts, name calling and lies that characterized the exit of former president Goodluck Jonathan. But what seems to be sickening and begging for answers is where are those outspoken voices, the hack writers and liars who only had a voice criticising Jonathan? Its two years and counting and am still trying to romance my mind on why the silent voices – Is it that they have been paid to keep quiet? 2) Is it that Buhari has done so much for the country that his achievement has deafened dissenting voices? 3) Or was it a gang up to grab power at all means, and if so why is there no gang up for the president to resume or resign. Tongues of many are stitched up and their pen seems dried up, an act mostly witnessed during the military era, the press is worst hit, though controlled mostly by the West and some fragments in the East. News these days are either one propaganda or another all geared to shift attention from the issue of hand postponing the evil day. So as writers, bloggers, right activist, press men, opinion holders and leaders we have slept and erred for awhile now, is time to stand up for reason! Dora Akunyili stood for reason that brought the doctrine of necessity which made Jonathan acting President. As much as many will argue that Buhari handed over to the Vice President, his protracted illness and his unknown time of return, is a more reason for us to now understand the nature of his illness so whether incapacitated, on recovery, or fully recovered might no longer have in him the strength to paddle the ship of State. The best option is for him to honourably resign or let go as Abdusalami and Jonathan did, rather than keeping the country in a logjam.

However, in case these lingers, the peoples law should be invoked that is the doctrine of necessity which its fundamental objective is to satisfy the extingencies which have been created by certain situations outside the contemplation of the constitution or the rule of law, which these certain situations seems applicable to that of our president. Though the doctrine of necessity is no legal theory but a concession to human weakness and it has garnered some form of legal validation and global support, so been applied again in our country is no misnomer. The doctrine is noble when properly used and valuable when rarely applied. Even though there is a common belief that all human endeavours are controlled by law and every human act determined by law, it must not be assumed that all acts of man are contemplated by law. Therefore, certain conducts though harmful and seemingly unconstitutional are necessary in other to avert a greater harm. Simply put “some acts that would otherwise be wrong are rendered rightful by a good purpose or by the necessity of choosing the lesser of two evils.

As we continue to pray for his full recovery and return back to the country, it will be advisable that he does the needful which is to resign on the premise of his age and health. So let’s break the silence for the good of our president and the country at large.

Written by Njoku Ikenna-07063993369.(your reactions and comments are quite appreciated).