Change is not an event!

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Israel for a long time lived their life under the yoke of the Roman conquest and captivity with a certain hope that a Messiah would one day appear for their salvation. For some who understand life as a game of survival and chance, adaptability was the language. Whether there is another Messiah or not is not the question; life is about survival of the fittest. For others the coming of the Messiah remains their only hope.

However the challenge is; who is the Messiah and what kind of Messiah is he? When Jesus showed up from the house of a Carpenter armed with His identity as the Son of God and the message of love and repentance, for many who sought change, it was a matter of scorn and disappointment. The reason is simple. It was too paradoxical a circumstance and too simple a solution to be realistic. The trouble with those who seek change is that they never realize that their greatest enemy is themselves.

Change must be in their own complex terms. This is the challenge of change. Those marginalized by the rule of survival and weakness of character only see change from the selfish point of what they think change is – personal justice and advantage rather than a matter of living up to the fundamental laws of life. And so never understand change even when it is taking place before their very eyes. Why? They are trapped in the illusion of seeking to find meaning and freedom outside of themselves. What then do we do? We settle for religion and self righteousness and substitute responsibility for perseverance. And become victims of our own very weakness – hypocrisy.

We know that those who benefit from the status quo never seek for change. They neither pretend to be model of change nor will they ever be the reason, motivation and validation for change. They are too lost in the pride and illusion of personal ignorance to understand the value of light. They can therefore never be our excuse for failure and backwardness except that our character is inadequate to our challenges.

Change is not an event. Change is a progressive life of personal responsibility, accountability and evolution. Those who live in the power and benefit of change are those who live in the humility and constant state of self questioning. They are those who know what change is and what is changing. More so, what need to change. They know that change is not a fiction but a person – a decision to do things not logically and religiously but differently – deliberately, honestly, innovatively, courageously, mutually and progressively!

It takes those who live in constant dissatisfaction with the status quo; who are unwilling to thrive by the benefit of low and opportunistic standards but hunger for personal and corporate meaning, purpose and advancement to know and see life as a continuous state of personal moral, social and spiritual evolution and transformation. Welcome to the school of change – a new, spiritual and progressive thinking!