Daddy Freeze – Africa’s Agnosticism, Atheism and Secularism -By Nneka Okumazie

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Nobody has a mind of their own 100% of the time – for everything. There are lots of things accepted and believed that are a result of what was learned, heard, shown, or experienced.

As social media straggles, it is 50% for some and much lower for others. However, there are lots of things accepted and concluded – in hearts and actions – that are inputs from someplace.

The hate against Christianity is made to seem like those who believe the Faith are brainwashed, while others who don’t aren’t. But that is not the case.



Atheists and agnostics are not often mature in their beliefs until it gets refined – by studying or meetings.
All the questions and proportionate reasoning of atheism becomes accepted, as they hear more and study more in that line. So it is what they – choose to – accept.

It is true sometimes that agnostics, atheists, humanists, nihilists and secularists believe they don’t want to be boxed in by the Christian Faith, but often, whatever seems to be loss [narrow way] in the Christian Faith is massive gain, against many of the consequences of the broad way [where anything else goes].

Everyone gets depressed, sad, unhappy and worried – sometimes. The handling of depression or sadness differentiates the atheist from the Christian.

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Certain non-believers are often happy with freedom to do drugs, freedom for alcoholism, for internet addictions, lusts, hate, insults, soullessness, wickedness, bitterness, etc. But there are Christians who read the Scriptures when sad, or pray, or go to Church, or listen to some Christian music, or sing praises.

Also, when tragedy hits, or when there is sudden massive difficulties, Christians and atheists choose different paths to find solutions – or hope.
Genuine Christianity offers true Faith, true Hope and Worship – in Spirit and in Truth. There are those who aren’t necessarily against the existence of GOD, but hate to conform to the Christian Faith.

There are also those who love to put their heart to anything else and give things a shot, but refuse to try Christianity – genuinely, to experience Christ.

They follow the advice of nature and the experience works for them, but with Christianity they stick with what they chose to believe. There are those who didn’t believe in marriage but tried it and had a family. They got divorced and tried again.

The Christian Faith is not without trials and temptations, but sticking with it is strength, pressing on and never looking back. It is possible to have a hard time being righteous and holy – so prayers are mandatory tools to be firm in the Faith.

Behavioral Issues
The non-believer can have anger issues and not want to deal with it, it could be massive lusts problems, or greed, or whatever, but the Christian Faith often teaches against these, helping those seriously desiring change towards steps to have victories.

There is no question from atheism [& company] that invalidates the Christian Faith, or the experience many have with the Holy Spirit.

Atheists, agnostics, humanists and secularists are often asking questions like they want to defeat the Christian Faith, and embarrass whoever talks about Christ to them. Some of them are also nihilists, aggressive against Christian values.

In a world full of strange experiences, strange stories, strange powers, situations, complexities, etc. They all suspend the plausibility of mystery, but they ask where GOD is, if He truly exists?

OK, this means that for them, everything they accept to exist, they have either seen, or proven themselves. So if something is somewhere, and was written in some book, or some theory, yes, accepted, but GOD? Show me.

They often also accept their human fallibility in their work and they know there is a lot they don’t know, but with Christianity—they feel their knowledge has them covered and there is nothing that can change their minds.

This makes atheism really dumb, it requires no smartness – articles and questions qualify anyone. However, true Christianity is far more than just knowledge of the Bible or history, or stories.

Atheists and agnostics accept the narrow way in their careers and purposes, but reject it in the Christian Faith. When they achieve their goals, they count their gains following that narrow way
They often – also – count their losses from their broad way against Christianity. True Christians count their blessings from the narrow way.

Atheists say prayers don’t work. This is false. Prayers work. It may be delayed, or redirected, but prayers work. Delay does not invalidate the power of prayers. Also, whatever happens, genuine Christians accept GOD’s Sovereignty.

Just the same way low results don’t invalidate hard work or investments or focus or passion. They understand this, yet they deny the same for prayers, albeit prayers can be far more potent than all.

Atheists accept that the economy can fail, business, science, technology, medicine, law, fame, money, health, power, government, etc. can fail, but on prayers, they say if it fails—it is invalidated.

Questioning GOD’s love
Atheists ask that if GOD is truly powerful, why isn’t this world a perfect place, or if He’s truly powerful, why does He allow all the sufferings?
The things that seem to be constant are never in play for their questions. They often ask about natural disasters, OK, but they never talk about times and seasons which are pretty constant, or the sun, or several other nature stuff that existence depends on – and never goes out.

Christ didn’t come into the world to be a geologist, or scientist, or business developer, or economist, or attorney, or doctor, or artist, or historian, or consultant, or engineer, or pharmacologist, or whatever career. He came into the world for hearts. And the Word transcend generations, advancements, technology, economies, etc. If His focus were any of these, then fine, He’s at fault.

There were times He was challenged to save Himself, but He didn’t. Apostle Paul was often in peril – preaching the gospel, and GOD did not seem to instantly save him.

Atheists often love nature and believe in it. But they resent the Lord GOD. What if Sun goes off for weeks? What if the ocean overran the land every decade? What if asteroids fell suddenly without a pattern? What if gravity often fails? What if earthquakes covered the world at the same time? Etc.

There are scientific answers to the constancy of nature and the irregularities, but asking stupid questions to invalidate the existence of GOD is something anyone can do, and it is possible to counter back with more extreme ones.

Missing parts of the bible
An atheist said there are missing parts of the Bible, so lots of things are voided. But how did he know there are parts missing, if he wasn’t told?
So he’s telling what he read or was told, to invalidate what he said others were told. He’s hawking an extensively flawed version of atheism.

He uses any kind of example against the Church, when in all truthfulness; there are obvious unacceptable acts in churches and by people that does not align with Christ or the Bible. True Christians know this.

True Christianity carries the Power of GOD, no matter how many fake pastors, fake churches, hypocrites or wrong acts that tries to corrode the Faith.
Yes, it is possible to question the real Christian Faith and have some issues accepting parts of it. However, not giving a satisfactory answer – to the questioner – does not invalidate the Faith.

Sometimes, there are convictions of sin that two people separately have, and one might accept and another might not.

Social Activity
Some people love fitness, some love their diet options, some their music, sports, leisure, gamble, tidiness, cooking, reading, practice, travel, social media, or whatever.

Most of these are often social activities for many, and can be professional for some. There is [social] spending that goes along.

It is not a scam, or a fraud, or bad, to have a social habit, or hobby and follow through, especially if it is not harmful [addictions, quick money, etc.]

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Christianity can be Faith, Hope, a way of life, an attitude, a social activity, can involve social giving, can be a vision, or a goal: but does not stop people from studying, or working, dreaming or from their [legit] professional activities.

Christianity is also not an excuse for irresponsibility, or laziness or refusal to improve professionally. As a fact, Christianity encourages Faith, with work, or action, or playing your part.
Christianity is a choice and whatever contributions given are a voluntary – social spending. Christianity is not for national development, or to solve some societal problems. It is very personal and for individual change. There are lots of untruths spoken of the Christian Faith in agnosticism, atheism, humanism, nihilism and secularism.

Accepting Jesus is a choice. Not forced – no matter what looks like insistence of evangelism or conspicuousness of true Churches. Jesus loves you, come to Jesus. Jesus is knocking on the door of your heart. Jesus is the Savior and the Savior can save you, etc. Are words to come to accept – personally.

There was a request made of Christ, and it applies today when lost, or in deep confusion, sorrow and depression: Mark 9:22, “And ofttimes it hath cast him into the fire, and into the waters, to destroy him: but if thou canst do anything, have compassion on us, and help us.”