Daddy Freeze: Are Nigerian Christians Really Brainwashed? -By Nneka Okumazie

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There’s a new peak smartness some people have attained that conclusively made them understand that genuine Christians in Nigeria are brainwashed. Why? Because they pray too much, they go to Church; they give and seem disciplined.

The commitment to Faith of many true believers in true Churches is so ridiculous to this smart class, they think Nigeria’s underdevelopment is a result of Church.

Maybe these smart people do not exactly understand that a Church, going as often as you choose, giving if you want, coming or leaving at any point in the service is nowhere near something people cannot control or someplace that individuals go and everything else stops.

It is so important to ask about, and understand the appeal of some of the most popular stuff people love in Nigeria, before trying to start to understand crowdedness in true Churches.

For example, the late-goal loss of Super Eagles to Argentina – at the World Cup, and the missed opportunity to advance dashed hopes and left many dour. Had Nigeria advanced, it would have been renewed hope of going further in the competition and a far reaching happiness for most. But sorry!

Also, for about four years now, sports bet in Nigeria have been explosive, chances of winning are really low, there are fewer winners and more losers on the average, but people are still going at it. Why?

Some may say shortcut to success, or addiction to gambling, but others may say hope, trying their chance at something, going to bed at night and expecting something in the morning.

But Churches are widely different from the hopes entertainment, or sports, or betting offers. Churches bear existential and eternal hope. Then there is Faith too. It is almost impossible to see all the people going to a true Church as brainwashed. But, if this is what a smart person thinks, being Daddy Freeze or any of his covert or overt sympathizers, then the definition of smart has to be something different.

Nigeria’s University Education

Some people always say Christianity in Nigeria is different from Western Societies. OK. And, of everything, they solely use the Church as an example of how things here should be different. OK. But true Churches everywhere are mostly similar, doctrines may differ, approach to contemporary life may be different, but genuine Christianity is almost the same.

The mode of operation of some true Churches in Nigeria is sometimes reflective of the society. And while it is possible to get things wrong, the personal life of a true believer is expected to have a standard.

Looking outside Churches, how about university education in Nigeria? Why are there all kinds of news, events, technology, so-called advancements, inaugural lectures, fellowships, conferences, calls, etc. and people still complain that all University education in Nigeria are substandard. Why?

One quick answer may lie in success, what success [for Students] means while in school and what success means afterwards. Or alternatively, what success [for Professors] means internally and externally. Of all the scores of universities in Nigeria, there should probably be experimental ones, varieties, like those who don’t pay attention to grades, like those who retain all students after graduation, like those whose core purpose is real solutions, etc. But then education in Nigeria is generally not to bear and refine useful knowledge for genuine development, but for something so different, maybe.

Churches [genuine or otherwise] in Nigeria have done more, innovatively, than Universities. There are more Pastors than Professors, in part because understanding of the Bible is thrilling – and for some people, it catches fire that leads to passion and action – for more mission work, etc.

Maybe some of the ‘smart thinkers’ should look at the success of Christianity and Churches in Nigeria, and try to replicate it – better, in other sectors, for development.

Christian Doctrine

Daddy Freeze and his supporters attack Church doctrines – and say those obedient are brainwashed.

But there are several other benefits to some of these doctrines in life. There may be a chance that a person paying tithes regularly can also be able to save a part of the rest regularly, and also be able to keep commitments – regardless of how difficult. [This is NOT the result of a study – just saying there may be a chance.]

Tithing is a choice. It is not by force and may be better to not pay if a person does not believe in it, or believes the money is misappropriated. But if another person chooses to pay from their own work and volition, they are NOT brainwashed.

Daddy Freeze recently said that sex between engaged couples is not fornication. He, as usual distorted the Scriptures to back it up. In support of his position, some of his lovers insisted to anyone to show in the Bible to be able to counter him. OK.

What if another way to look at the doctrine of sex between married couples only is that before the wedding, sex is also something to look forward to in marriage. Just as other stuff are looked forward to – after the wedding, sex could also be, excitingly, on the list. This does not mean anyone is condemned for not doing so – but why not, if it is not impossible.

There are several other doctrines and parts of the fruit of the spirit that helps people to have integrity, to be credible and to be able to endure life’s tough times, not just finding the easiest ways out – always.

The issue about arguing with Daddy Freeze over where it is in the Bible or where it is not in the Bible is to know what he’s about. What are his goals? Assuming he’s helping to build the Church a person can debate with him and exchange good knowledge. But as someone who openly encourages people to stop going to Church and attacks true Pastors, and wants to destroy the Church, it is mostly a waste of effort to discuss the Bible, or true Christianity with him.

Some people said he’s disgruntled because he left a Church he went for years. Well, people have left Churches over doctrinal issues from time, and didn’t turn on the Church or Christianity afterwards. He claims to be a genuine prophet because he thought predicting likely outcomes over random matters means everything a genuine prophet is. Maybe he needs to read up on Prophet Samuel.

Daddy Freeze said he stopped going to Church because of hypocrisy, OK. Maybe he was really never a genuine Christian, who knows? Because ‘not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day’ was written. He also said no need to go to a place of worship because individuals are the Church. Well, it was written, about not forsaking, that ‘as the manner of some is.’

Nobody really knows who totally brainwashed Daddy Freeze, but Daddy Freeze is the leader of the biggest brainwash in Nigeria at the moment – far more than governments.

He’s so unidirectional in everything he thinks – only against Churches. He would praise anything that is not from or of true Churches. He lashed out quickly at Super Eagles and Pastors after the loss to Argentina. He cannot even give one original idea on how to make Nigeria have constant electricity, or end starvation.

He said Jesus fed 5000, but Pastors are fed by the poor. He also said when Pastors need money they come to the people, but when people need anything, they ask them to go to GOD.

Jesus fed 5000 because it was late and they were hungry – not like it was a policy to solve poverty, or that food was their problem. They stayed with Him, listened to the Word and their sick were healed.

Also, Brethren from Macedonia and Philippians gave to Apostle Paul.

True Christians in Nigeria are not brainwashed, only Daddy Freeze is trying – relentlessly – to do so now.