Daddy freeze face your Governor, not RCCG or Pastor Adeboye -By Nneka Okumazie

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There are two states in Nigeria that owes daddy freeze everything he seems passionate about. The state he resides and his state of origin. The same is applicable to all his supporters.

States can provide incentives for factories to be built. States can seek major commerce strategies to grow their GDP. States can also have unique prosperity strategies, electricity availability models, infrastructure strategy, housing strategy, etc.

There are legislators of the jurisdiction of daddy freeze and his supporters, whom they could also speak with, to pursue national stuff that will be locally beneficial – to causes they seem concerned about.

The aggravation of daddy freeze – against the Church – is a bigger distraction, to Nigeria, than what he accuses the Church of.

Church is not standing in the way of anything beneficial to Nigeria. Church does not have the power to prevent the government from acting – usefully to the people. Church also is not distracting members to not demand their rights from the government. Church aims, in part, towards sound minds for members, to be able to do great in their own endeavors.



Church is voluntary. Most people have allowable limits for Christianity in their lives. Individuals pick what to believe or not, what to accept or not, what to commit to, or practice. The strength seen of Church is not any individual, but that certain people stepping up at one time, or another. So the mission goes on – regardless of any individual giving or attendance.

Yes, people are not forced to give, and some of the statements that may appear like coercion from Pastor or anyone extend as far as an individual accepts – or say, has faith. Most of the time, the emphasis on giving, is to be able to be a giver, or a cheerful one.

Giving that can go to welfare, or evangelism, or say, to Church building. Like in the Epistles, some dropped stuff at the Apostles’ feet for the needy, and the same attitude would have been useful to give to their Churches for building, expansion and maintenance.

There is no way that Church would not grow in Nigeria. The underdevelopment is so confusing. What should an ordinary citizen do? No electricity and so many income sinks. People continue to pay double for one service. It is hard to plan income. Prices go up, and all sorts of strange expenditures.

The situation is crushing. Sometimes, the only thing people have to get up and going is hope. Sometimes, when people pray, it throws the worries and burden away from their hearts and puts it elsewhere. No matter if it happens or not, there’s often a better feeling than not.

So Church plays a greater role in the lives of people. Some have decided to allow Christianity to genuinely influence their lives. They submitted themselves to GOD and resisted the enemy.

Positivity or optimism is a great pedestal in business, or any project. Christianity is Nigeria’s biggest engine of that. But daddy freeze is the messenger of negativity, nothing ever positive, no encouragement ever, just the negative side.

The story of the Faith of Abraham, a follower of the Lord, was carried on to the New Testament. His Faith, giving, selflessness, etc. are still valid guides under grace, albeit Christ removed His people from the curse of the law.

But daddy freeze and his people would argue that Abraham was not a Christian, OK, but he followed the Lord, like those that were later called Christians. They also said his giving is archaic. But his Faith, patience, selflessness, are not, OK.

RCCG is not responsible for the poverty in Nigeria. What people earn, prices and conditions of living are responsible for that. The Vice President is a member of the Church like any other prominent individual. His passion and power are more responsible for his actions, than the influence of the Church.

RCCG having branches everywhere is their own way to contribute to society. There are several people who go to Church who do all kinds of weird work – not expected that they go to Church, but they do. The hope, faith, worship and prayers in Church boost so many.

Contribution to progress of society must not be factory, or employment. Same way that career must not be engineering, science, law, or economics. Market factors of Nigeria often throws planned businesses in disarray, let alone having the Church whose mission and focus is not factory, to set factories up, so when people unionize and rail, people will say, ha! Church!

RCCG is limited in the amount of influence it can have, outside its core mission areas. Nigeria has far bigger problems than whatever – negative thing – you think of any RCCG in your area. RCCG is not a hospital, or university, or whatever enterprise they also own, so those throwing darts should aim fairly at all, not just the Church’s stuff.

The worship of RCCG within their own space is their concern and within legal limits. Their doctrine too is their business – and if they want to force it on all that is where there can be problems.

The Church is often willing to collaborate – for good. If the government of any state has any good plans for their people and would involve RCCG, the Church leaders should not refuse it. But nothing: so the Church should chase Governors around, or local government chairmen, or whom?

Daddy freeze would force the use big words to confuse comedians. Why not debate his wrong economics on poverty with experts, or his factory chatter with trade experts?

Daddy freeze and all his supporters have deleterious delusions. Their activism is worthless and their critical thinking is muck. Nothing new, nothing original, nothing revolutionary. Some of his prominent supporters have their own social activities and choices, yet they attack others for theirs.

Why can they not be sharp and genius with great ideas on how Nigeria can truly progress, or why can’t they create great businesses with good models that employs people?

Questioning Christianity as a show of intelligence is the greatest thing fools are good at. Anything can be questioned, anything. And part of the psychology of hate is to question your antipathies.

Christ said, Luke 18:17, “Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein.”