Do We Even Know Where We Are Going To?

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Where Are We Going To


Am not going to make excuses, neither will i ask for pardon because what am getting, i asked for it, and so do you. We belong to a generation that watched our future stolen from under us and we seat by and do nothing about it. The Nigerian dream, the vision and mission our parents told us about has been hijacked by men who are willing to lie, cheat, steal, and kill to protect their wealth.

Used to be, if you got good grade, graduate with excellent degree, you get the nicest job. You don’t go around looking for jobs, jobs comes about looking for you, and perhaps, after a decade of hard work, you get your name on the door, meaning to say, you become your own boss and have people answer to you and just you. But that world was gone. People always tell you to be careful of what you wish for, i never believed them. Expectation in today’s Nigeria is so high and the pressure mounted on the youths of today’s generation especially in a country like Nigeria, is staggering and most paramountly, tempting to do what the rich and powerful do today-lie, cheat, steal and kill, in order to, not just get even, but to also belong to the changing society or world as the case maybe.

The situation of things today has made people so distracted that they don’t know who they are anymore. In a world so strange and unpeaceful, a country so diverse, threatened and porous, my future, your future will forever remain uncertain. Boko Haram is operating on a level too high for everyone to understand, the government on the other hands, are also operating on a level too high for we to understand, so the real question is, where do we, you and i, belong? To the government, to the politicians in Nigeria, the youths are nothing but convenient tool, they use them when they want and drop them when they are done without compensation or anything to get them by.
At times it becomes so tough for the people because the government steal so much that there isn’t enough to MAKE by the pople, the people meaning US, you and i.

Some group i discussed with about a month ago said that things can be made right again in Nigeria. But you know what, i doubt it. So i ask myslef this, if truly we the youth of this world, if we the youth of Africa, the youth of Nigeria don’t have an idea of where we are going to, how then can we make a change? We don’t have a control of anything but rather, they have a control of us all. So i ask you, where are we going to Nigerians?