Ebola Outbreak And Government’s Inconsistency In School Resumption Date

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Ebola Outbreak And Government Inconsistencies In School Resumption

When the government shifted the resumption of schools, both private and public, to October 13th, it was a welcomed idea and i personally defended them before Nigerians who were skeptical and indifferent about the development. However, waking up to hear a new date, a very different date from the one given initially, shows a great level of inconsistency in the administration.

The reason for dishing out the initial instruction for the closure of schools was due to the Ebola outbreak in the country, which according to the Health Minister, was a smart strategy to make certain, that all threat of the Ebola virus is CONTAINED before children can go back to schools. It is okay for the government to take solitary decisions especially in dire situations, however, the general public should and must be carried along in this decision making. Right after the instruction, parents went on to make new plans, paying heavily for summer schools to keep their children fresh and ready for when school reopens. So what this means is that all of that will be for nothing if and when the new plan of the government becomes effective.

What parents are asking is that the government stick to a particular date of resumption instead of putting them in an indecisive corner. What do you think?